April Fools Pranks 2012


    Today the world is celebrating “April Fool’s Day” the day is an unofficial day for pulling pranks on people. Generally people participating in April Fools Pranks do so in a safe way and the purpose is to make a fool of someone and not to injure them or their reputation.

    April Fools Pranks 2012

    The best April fool’s Day Pranks usually takes something that is really hard to believe or something that sounds too good to be true or something highly unlikely and impossible and make it seem true.

    Usually the media are involved in the best “April Fool’s Day Pranks”. People will read the April fool’s Day Prank in the news paper, on the internet and then talk about it with other people. Believing it is the truth and in most cases not aware that it is the 1st of April the joke will quickly spread by word of mouth. This will go on until someone realize it is the 1st of April and part of a April Fool’s Prank. The person who spreads the news as truth is then called a April Fool for falling for the April Fools Prank.

    When is April fool’s Day?

    April fool’s day is on the 1st of April every year. However you need to put up your guard for April fools pranks from the 31st of March. Some companies and people will start their April fool’s Pranks as early as the 31st as people are more aware of April Fool Day pranks when it is the 1st of April and more the day becomes more popular around the world and people celebrates in and participate in April fool’s Day Pranks.

    April fool’s Day: Social Media marketing and Viral Campaigns the new Gold.

    As people are more likely to share good April fool’s day pranks and jokes we can expect 2012 to be the year with the most ever Social Media April Fool’s day pranks ever. April fool’s day makes it ideal for companies to bring attention to themselves by creating a good clean fun April fool’s Day campaign. The aim of these campaigns are to seem so real that people will share it with all their friends, to only learn later that they have been part of a April Fool’s Day joke or prank.

    What is your favorite April fool’s Day prank?

    You can use the comments section below to tell us about your favorite April fool’s day Pranks. Earlier today we wrote an article about the Google April Fool’s day pranks. Here at 3D Car Shows we just love Google and usually follow the Search Giants activity on the internet. On the Google

    April Fool’s day

    pages you will find some of the best April fool’s Pranks by Google.

    The first Google April Fools Prank 2012

    Although it is not yet the 1st of April in most countries we have just become aware of the “Google Maps 8-bit for Nintendo” Application for Google Maps. We suspect this is one of the earliest Google April Fools day pranks for 2012. You can visit the

    Google Lat and Long Blog

    to judge for yourself.

    Remember to use the comment section to report any other Internet April Fool’s Day Pranks 2012 that you find on the internet.

    You can view the 8-bit Maps system for Google Maps on the

    Google Maps


    Google Nascar April Fool’s Joke 2012

    The Google Nascar April Fool’s joke is a very good one. If they brought this out on any other day one would have almost think it to be real! Read more about the new Nascar Google Sponsored car at the

    official Google Blog


    Here is the video for the Google Nascar April Fool’s Day Joke – It is just really sad that they have not made this video available world wide they have blocked many countries outside the USA from viewing this video.