April Fools 2012: Google Entertain Millions of user world wide with their April Fool Jokes


The 2012 April fool’s day must have been the most difficult day ever to catch people with a Good April Fool’s Day Joke. For us here at 3D Car Shows it were relatively easy to spot all the April Fool’s day jokes, however Google have managed to really entertain us this year with their Google April Fool Jokes. The best one for us were the Google Nascar April Fool’s Joke, the reason simply because we are in the automotive industry and love everything cars.

2012 April Fool's

The Google April Fool’s Jokes also seem to all have a educational message behind them this year. The Google 8-bit Maps application managed to tell people more about their Google Maps product. The Nascar Self Driving Car about the software that Google have developed making it possible for a car to drive without a driver! Then there is also the Google YouTube April Fool’s Joke, from the onset it is obvious that the get YouTube on CD campaign is a joke it is still very entertaining to watch and they also manage to tell people how big YouTube really are.

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The Google Fiber April fool’s 2012 Joke.

In the Google Fiber April Fool’s joke the presenter introduce us to the new Google Fiber chocolate. The speaker tells us that Google are not only into manufacturing and innovating technology but have now also entered the food market with their Google Fiber chocolate. Although the video focus for most part on the April fool’s 2012 joke it also tells us that Google are busy with a project to speed up the internet significantly, which if read between the lines are very exciting news! We can all do with a faster internet.

We have included the Google Fiber April Fool’s day video here for those who may have missed the Google Fiber April Fool’s day joke!