Apocalypse 2012 Survivors – We are still here


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – December 22, 2012 (Updated)… As  a follow-up to yesterday’s ad in The New York Times, MINI  published a “correction” ad today, acknowledging that the world did  not, in fact, end. Fans are encouraged to still take advantage of the  $0 to Motor Lease, though in light of the world not ending, they will  have to make the related payments.

Apocalypse 2012

December 21, 2012 – MINI USA Ad Acknowledges End Of Mayan Calendar.

The day has arrived – the last one noted on the Mayan calendar. In  MINI’s eyes, it’s another reason to have some fun.

This morning, MINI USA placed a full page ad in TheNew York Times, with the headline, “Well, So Much For The  2014 Models.” The supporting text suggests that interested customers  hurry to their local MINI dealership, as it could be their last chance  to motor in the MINI they have always wanted (and if it really is the  end, they will never have to make a payment).

end of the world

To coincide with the ad, MINI USA’s social media pages will seek  candid responses from fans about where they would want to motor if  indeed it was the last day. Fans will also be able to print signs for  their MINI’s rear window, including one that reads, “I don’t brake for  zombies.” To learn more about MINI USA’s December 21, 2012 fun, visit  our Facebook page at: facebook.com/miniusa.

“Initiatives like these allow MINI to engage the community with  something topical, such as declaration of the end of the world, and  use it as an opportunity to add a smile to people’s face,” said Lee  Nadler, MINI USA Marketing Communications Manager. “MINI is an  instigator of optimism, a brand that zigs when others zag, and this  year we’re taking a different position in the industry’s usual  end-of-year promotions.”