Antero de Quental Google Doodle Portugal


Today 18 April 2012 if you visit the Google Search Engine you will find the Antero de Quental Google Doodle. As far as we can tell this Google Doodle is only showing on Google Portugal. Google Doodles is the Google logo in a cartoon format announcing an important date or person in history.

Antero de Quental

Here at 3D Car Shows we love to keep our eyes on the Google Homepage and report on the Google Doodles. With a busy schedule we do not always get the opportunity to expand our General Knowledge outside our industry. The Google Doodles provides us with a means to look at important events thus helping us to increase our general knowledge on a regular basis.

Who was Antero de Quental

Antero Tarquínio de Quental – 18 April 1842 – 11 September 1891 was a Portuguese writer, philosopher and poet. He is very famous for his literature and contributions to the Portuguese language.

Antero de Quental began writing poetry while at university. His Odes Modernas, published in 1865, were well received, but it was his sonnets, which he began publishing already in 1861, that attracted the most attention. Translated into German and Italian in his own lifetime, Antero de Quental sonnets were hugely popular at the turn of the century, partly for their technical skill but probably more so for the ideas that inspired them and the gloomy light that illuminated them and made them somehow enchanting. They can enchant us still, with their sad music and dramatic tone, though we may find them wanting in images and earthbound detail.

“Antero de Quental” most ardent ambition was to be a philosopher, and his essays frequently deal with philosophical themes, but he did not have much talent for organizing his ideas into an original system of thought. Or perhaps it was his mental instability that prevented him.

Clinical treatments in Paris did little to stave off the hysteria that periodically afflicted Antero de Quental, much less his chronic pessimism, which only worsened over time. At 49 years of age, back in the Azores after many years spent in mainland Portugal and abroad, Antero shot himself on a park bench, thus ending his life.

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