Another gruelling but successful day on the Dakar 2013 for Siman Pavey


The eighth stage of the


was expected to be tricky and, above all, long. Even the cancellation of the first part of the special due to torrential rain didn’t blunt the edge of this stage.

Simon Pavey

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Here at HQ we are still waiting for an update from the team at the bivouac.   What we do know back in the UK is that Simon made good progress again yesterday finishing a fantastic 50th probably due to his excellent navigational skills which may proved to be the decisive factor.  At kilometre 122 a group of wayward riders lost almost half an hour making a wrong turn and heading into the hills for 10km before realising their mistake and having to return.  With Simon’s strong performance and careful navigation we can only assume he did not make the same mistake.

Sunday is the only rest day of the 2013 Dakar.  If we get more news back today we will send a further release.

Stage Results.

  • Simon Pavey – 50th02:34:27

Overall Results.

  • Simon Pavey – 68th – 25:39:13