Anniversary at the Nürburgring. BMW Classic celebrates 40 years of BMW M GmbH at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2012


Munich.2012 is a special year for all BMW M fans  with BMW M GmbH – formerly known as BMW Motorsport GmbH – marking its  40th birthday. BMW Classic is celebrating the anniversary with an  array of highlights at this year’s edition of Germany’s largest  classic car race at the Nürburgring.

BMW Classic celebrates 40 years

BMW M is not alone in reaching an  important landmark; the event itself also has its 40th birthday this  year. Organisers are once again expecting in excess of 60,000  spectators to flood to the circuit in the Eifel from 10 – 12 August  2012 for the double anniversary.

BMW involved as a key partner. 

BMW is a partner of this year’s AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix. BMW Classic  will therefore have a suitably prominent presence at the Nürburgring  and offer visitors an extensive programme of attractions. Topping the  bill are activities celebrating the “40 Years BMW M GmbH” anniversary  and the division’s illustrious motor sport heritage. And attracting  particular attention – alongside the display of BMW M cars and racing  machines at the approximately 1,000 m² BMW Classic exhibition area in  the paddock – will be the BMW M “Jubiläumsrennen” (anniversary races)  and 10-minute demonstration drives with BMW M models immediately  before the races. Added to which, a major element of BMW Classic’s  activities at the event will be the supply of parts to the expanding  ranks of both recent and older BMW classics.

BMW M Jubiläumsrennen contested by distinguished drivers.

BMW Classic is teaming up with the AvD to hold the BMW M  Jubiläumsrennen races, in which the full gamut of BMW racing cars  since 1972 will be represented. “I’m sure we’ll be able to wave off a  packed field of wonderful cars from the past 40 years,” says Norbert  Knerr, Head of Classic Motorsport at BMW Classic.

The races are open to all BMW racing cars developed by BMW Motorsport  GmbH (today’s BMW M GmbH) since 1972, and the cars will be split into  relevant classes. The AvD is accepting entries up to 17 July 2012. BMW  Classic will line up with five BMW racing cars piloted by familiar  figures. These will include two BMW M1 Group 4 racers, a BMW 320 Group  5 car, a BMW M3 Group A (1987) model and the BMW 320i STW (1995). Four  highly successful BMW touring car drivers will be doing battle, with  Dieter Quester, Prince Leopold of Bavaria, Marc Surer and Marc Hessel  all getting behind the wheel. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior  Vice-President BMW Group Design, rounds off a rare quintet of drivers.

Schedule: Qualifying: Friday, 10 August, 16.00 –  16.25 hrs BMW M Jubiläumsrennen 1: Saturday, 11 August, 13.30 –  14.00 hrs BMW M Jubiläumsrennen 2: Sunday, 12 August, 13.30 –  14.00 hrs

The third highlight of the anniversary festival will be demonstration  drives, each lasting 10 minutes, which will take place before the  anniversary races. The demonstration drives are open to all BMW M cars  – indeed, standard road models are also very welcome – and will each  start at 13.00 hrs.

40 Years BMW M – a history of success.

In 1972 BMW brought together the company’s motor racing activities  under the umbrella of a new company, BMW Motorsport GmbH. Former  racing driver and team boss Jochen Neerpasch took over the reins and  built the wholly-owned BMW subsidiary into a powerful race team – one  that would go on to earn BMW countless triumphs in motor sport  competition over the years that followed. The construction of  ultra-sporty BMW road cars was also part of the company’s brief. In  1978 the BMW M1 super-sports car became the first BMW M model to make  its debut, laying the building blocks for a tradition that continues  to define BMW M to this day.

By the early 1990s a new company name was  required to reflect the BMW subsidiary’s wider spheres of activity,  which now included BMW M cars, BMW Individual and BMW Driver Training.  The legendary “M” – “the most powerful letter in the world” – provided  the inspiration for the company’s rechristening as BMW M GmbH on 1  August 1993. Motor sport activities have since been handled by the  specially formed BMW Motorsport division.

The guest list for the anniversary celebrations will include a  line-up of well-known racing drivers and former members of the BMW  Motorsport GmbH and BMW M GmbH management.