AMID Motorcycle Show Industry and Government


Industry and Government Heads Stress the Importance of Motorcycling for Future Transportation at the AMID Motorcycle & Lifestyle Show

  • A 20 per cent shift from car to motorcycles would reduce traffic congestion by 40 per cent, says AMID Director
  • The Gauteng government is about to implement a 25-year integrated transport plan that would encourage a huge shift from cars to motorcycles, says Gauteng Transport MEC.

AMID Motorcycle Show South Africa

The AMID Motorcycle and Lifestyle Show at the Johannesburg Expo Centre at Nasrec , which opened today (Thursday) and runs until Sunday, got off to a lively start at the four-day show’s media breakfast. Lachlan Harris, National Director of the Association for Motorcycle Importers and Distributors said Belgian studies had shown that a 20 per cent from cars to motorcycles would decrease traffic congestion by 40 per cent.

And Dr Ismail Vadi, the MEC for Transport in Gauteng stressed at the show that his government was about to implement an urban transport plan that would place a huge importance on motorcycles and bicycles.

“From a provincial government point of view, we see this type of show as a beacon to our province,” said Dr Vadi. “We do see ourselves as a governance of sport and clearly motorcycling is an important sport.

“But more important from our side, in a week from now we are launching a 25-year integrated transport plan for Gauteng. One of our biggest concerns is the massive population increase in this region though migration and at the same time the vehicle population is increasing.

“If we do nothing about it we are going to get a gridlock situation here. The system is going to choke over time. We are seriously looking at other possibilities from a planning point of view. Rail is of course the most important but thereafter we are looking at cycling and motorcycling. From a traffic management point of view motorcycling is clearly an important option for us.

“We would support this initiative. A single car user in traffic is not the way to go. That should clearly be for weekends and family outings. We need to change the mind-set of this province, that people need to explore other options, public transportation, cycling and motorcycling.”

Speaking from the motorcycle industry’s perspective, AMID as an organisation was clearly excited by this awareness of the importance of motorcycling to Gauteng’s future.

“We are well-placed to address urban spatial inequality”, said Lachlan Harris. “We need to be ready for this, because this will make demands on our industry.” Harris also stressed the importance of a show like the Motorcycle and Lifestyle Show in showcasing the industry, and paid tribute to the organisers, SA Show Services, and the Nasrec Expo venue, for drawing on all its experience to put together a professional event.