Alternative bicycle rack: transport on the trailer coupling: Piggybacking in the slipstream


The rear bicycle rack, which has been specially designed for Mercedes-Benz models, represents the preferred solution for bicycles with a trailer coupling. As well as the high level of loading convenience, this transport variant boasts excellent aerodynamics in comparison with roof transport, which is reflected in lower fuel consumption figures.

Mercedes-Benz Bicycle Rack

The rear carrier system has been thoroughly revised for the summer season. Two alternatives are available, and both have been designed to handle exceptionally heavy bicycles, such as electric bikes: the rear carrier for transporting two bicycles weighs approx. 16.9 kilograms and can be loaded with weights of 33.1 kg or 58.1 kg on vehicles with drawbar loads of 50 kg and 75 kg, respectively, whereby no single bicycle may weigh more than 30 kg.

The rear carrier for transporting three bicycles weighs approx. 20.2 kg. A weight of 29.8 kg can be loaded with a drawbar load of 50 kg, and 54.8 kg for a drawbar load of 75 kg. Here too, a limit of 30 kg per rail applies.

A common feature of both carriers is that they are easy to mount on the vehicle and also simplify the process of mounting bicycles. When the bicycle rack is not in use, it can be folded down to save space and kept securely in the stowage bag that comes as an optional extra.

It is fixed to the vehicle with a single-point attachment on the ball coupling of the trailer coupling. The carrier is placed on top of the ball coupling and secured using a lever handle. An indicator shows when the lock is securely engaged.

The bicycle rack can be pulled out on rails mounted in ball bearings to ensure that the vehicle’s luggage compartment can still be accessed with the bicycles mounted. This also makes mounting the bicycles easier, since the pull-out rail moves in a curve, thus lowering the loading height.

It is extremely easy to adjust the bicycle rack to suit the bicycles: you simply press a spring-loaded notch and the rails can be adjusted to the particular cycle, with the wheel shoe locking in automatically. The tension straps also clearly indicate when they are tight enough. The bicycle rack can be locked only when the tensioning strap is properly latched.

The brackets accommodate frames with round frame tubes up to 80 millimetres in diameter, or oval frame tubes up to the format 80 x 45 millimetres, making them perfectly suited to the Mercedes-Benz fitness bike.

The package [1] includes a licence plate bracket and rear lights, which can be supplied with electricity via a cable with a 13-pin DIN connector plug.

The additional rear lights can ensure reliable signals if their counterparts in the vehicle are obscured by the load. The rear bicycle rack is ready for immediate use, since it does not need to be entered in the vehicle papers, thanks to its EU operating permit. [2]

[1] The equipment may vary on the US and Canadian markets. [2] Please note the special regulations that apply in Italy and Portugal.