Alla Rakha


Today if you visit the Google India Search Engine you will find the Google Doodle dedicated to the life and legacy of Alla Rakha. Alla Rakha was Indian most famous for playing the tabla.

Alla Rakha

The tabla is a membranophone percussion instrument are often used in Hindustani classical music, invented by the Indian Sufi saint Amir Khusro. It is still used in the music behind folk and sufi poetry. It later became a part of Hindustani music industry. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizesand timbres. The term tabla is derived from an Arabic word, tabl, which simply means “drum.”

You can actually see the instruments in the Alla Rakha Google Doodle if you are not familiar with them. The Doodler that created the Alla Rakha Doodle did a stunning job capturing what looks like Alla Rakha and the instruments he was most famous for.

Alla Rakha was born on April 29, 1919 in Paghwal, Jammu and Kashmir in British India and he died February 3, 2000 at the age of 80. The Alla Rakha Doodle celebrates what would have been his 95th Birthday today providing him with the honor of being in the spot light today, and having millions of people around the world learning about him and his legacy.