All-new Volvo S80 conquers new buyers with Scandinavian luxury

  • Inviting and intelligent combination of aesthetics and functional technology
  • Emphasis on dynamism – both when it comes to design and driving propertie
  • Average production volume 50 000 cars per year

The all new Volvo S80 makes its entry onto the international stage with a highly unique strength: “We’re challenging the very best in the segment by offering refined Scandinavian luxury, in other words clean and elegant lines combined with intelligent functionality. Every single detail has been designed with a firm focus on the user’s well-being,” says Fredrik Arp, president and CEO of Volvo Cars.

The way Volvo Cars sees it, Scandinavian luxury radiates a different, more human prestige by combining aesthetics and technology in an inviting and intelligent way.

Scandinavian luxury conveys an image of a person who is equally attracted by intelligent functionality and a feeling of responsibility as he or she is by aesthetics and prestige.

Evolutionary design
The all new Volvo S80 approaches such buyers with a further development of Volvo’s design language, a technical content that gives the owner benefit or enjoyment in every single detail, and a sense of responsibility in the form of world-class safety and environmental consideration.

“We are convinced that we have a particularly strong product here, one that is going to win over many customers from our competitors. We expect that as much as 70 percent of the average volume of 50,000 cars a year will go to buyers who do not drive a Volvo today,” says Fredrik Arp.

The all new Volvo S80 is being unveiled at the international motor show in Geneva on 28 February and sales start in June 2006. The five largest markets are the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden and China.

Refined design and well-being with well thought-out technology
The second-generation Volvo S80 has a more compact and dynamic exterior. On the inside the aura of well-being is created with refined colours and materials in perfect harmony together with well thought-out technology that is highly advanced yet easy to use. In addition, there is an audio system of absolute world class.

“It’s not about packing in masses of technical gadgets whatever the price. Instead, we prefer to regard the car as a complete entity where the technical solutions interact to give the occupants a comfortable, dynamic and safe driving experience. You should have full control – both over the car and over the surrounding traffic,” explains Silvia Güllsdorf, S80 Project Director.

Engine range encompassing a V8 and a new in-line six
The all new Volvo S80 has been developed with its sights set on increased driving pleasure. A few examples:

  • It can be specified with Volvo’s compact transverse V8 that produces 232 kW and 440 Nm of torque;
  • The engine range also includes an entirely new six-cylinder injection engine with a displacement of 3.2 litres and 175 kW, as well as the latest generation of Volvo’s in-house developed five-cylinder turbodiesel with 136 kW and 400 Nm of torque; and
  • The all new S80 is also available with All-Wheel Drive, initially in combination with the V8 engine, as well as the active Four-C chassis (Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept).

“We are enhancing our competitiveness on several important markets. In the USA, a V8 is a must in order to succeed in this segment, while a really strong diesel alternative is most important in Europe. What is more, the first-generation S80 and in particular our success with the XC90 have made us an established and highly respected brand in the premium segment,” says Arp.

World-class safety
World-class safety levels and a firm focus on environmental care are factors that contribute to the Scandinavian luxury of the all new Volvo S80.

In the area of safety, there are features such as a further-developed and patented structure and new active safety systems.

For instance, the all new S80 is the first Volvo model with Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning and Brake Support – and the advanced PCC (Personal Car Communicator) remote control is a world-first too, featuring a number of intelligent safety and security functions.

Volvo Cars is also taking yet another step on the way to creating a car that is clean inside and out. With its sophisticated climate unit and careful choice of interior materials, the all new Volvo S80 equipped with Clean Zone Interior Package the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Prevention Association’s extremely stringent criterias.