The all new Ford Ikon has arrived on local shores. Sporting three engine options – namely a 1.4-litre petrol, 1.6-litre petrol and 1.4-litre turbo diesel. The Ikon is geared towards dependability, affordability and overall low running costs. All this comes at no sacrifice to space, practicality and interior comfort.

The Ford Ikon established itself as a major player in the B-segment over recent years. Now with the introduction of an all new Ford Ikon, designed by Ford’s global engineering team, the Ikon enters into a new chapter in its lifecycle.

The Ikon hails from India, a market that requires a specialised type of vehicle thanks to extreme weather and trying road conditions. The result is a robust and durable vehicle that offers much in the way of practicality and comfort.

The Ford Ikon follows on from the success of the previous Ford Ikon, a popular choice among fleet owners, hire companies and private owners alike.

“The B-segment continues to dominate sales with a trend towards smaller, more affordable cars that offer many of the features previously associated with luxury cars. The Ikon fits in with these trends and thanks to its reliability and low running costs it is an intriguing prospect,” says Ben Pillay, Ford Marketing Manager.

The Ikon has been created through Ford’s Global Shared Technologies engineering approach, involving the product development teams from the UK, Germany and Australia.

The four-door Ikon features three powertrain options: a 1.4 litre Ambiente petrol, which develops 61kW at 6 000rpm and 125Nm of torque at 4 000rpm; a 1.6-litre Trend petrol which offers 74kW at 6 500rpm and 143Nm at 4 000rpm; and lastly the 1.4-litre Trend Duratorq TDCi, which develops 50kW at 4 000rpm and 160Nm at 2 000rpm.

The 1.4 Duratorq TDCi engine is a state of the art modern all aluminium diesel engine with a turbocharger and electronically controlled latest generation common rail direct injection, offering excellent torque output, remarkable fuel economy and notably low emissions.

Ford has set new standards in turbo-diesel performance with the Duratorq TDCi engines. In addition to being one of the smoothest and quietest diesels in its class, the technology is designed to deliver responsive acceleration, outstanding fuel economy, and reduced emissions

The Ikon shares the same advanced chassis engineering that has made many Ford products the class leaders for vehicle dynamics. The Ikon builds upon Ford’s outstanding pedigree of vehicle dynamics to reward the discerning driver and provide a comfortable driving experience no matter what the conditions.

The Ikon offers confidence inspiring handling with high levels of stability and predictability, both in normal driving conditions and in demanding situations. As a result it is safe and easy for a novice driver yet a rewarding drive for more eager enthusiasts.

The Ikon has a robust well proportioned stance that gives the car a sporty, purposeful and elegantly premium presence. The side profile of the car has been designed to give customers the best of all functional attributes with a strong emphasis placed on easy entry and exit, volumous headroom, all round visibility and 430 litres of boot space.

The Ikon has been created to provide stylish space and versatility, appealing to the sophisticated lifestyles of the young and young at heart. Taking full advantage of Ford’s global architecture, Ikon has excellent interior space.

The vehicle was designed using advanced computer modelling to develop a safety structure that combines energy absorbing crash zones with a rigid survival space for the occupants. Body shell load paths have been optimised for maximum deformation outside the passenger compartment in front, rear and side impacts, thus reducing the severity of the crash pulse transmitted to the occupants.

In developing the Ikon, test vehicles were driven over 700 000 kilometres through testing surfaces at various global facilities in nine countries, namely – India, Korea, Australia, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Sweden and Japan.

All models feature a 3year/100 000km Warranty as well as a 3year/ unlimited km road side assistance plan. Service intervals are every 15 000kms with a standard Service Plan of 4 years / 60 000 km’s across the range.