Alfa Romeo tantalises with more details on MiTo


Alfa Romeo has just revealed the first official interior shots of the new Mi.To compact hatch, which will be introduced to the international press during the months of June and July.

The highly personal dashboard and wrap-around seats ensure that the cabin represents the ultimate expression of Italian style – welcoming yet sporty, with top-quality materials and the closest attention to detail.

While certain elements are pure Alfa in design such as the cowled instrument nacelle, the round, chrome-ringed dials and the predominance of black leather, there are some new design angles. The multi-function steering wheel, for example, is decidedly ‘Ferrari-esque’, while the automatic climate control has an almost Teutonic feel to it. The materials are naturally all soft-touch and pleasingly textured, in particular the upper half of the dashboard which has a carbon-fibre ribbed design.

Full details of the newcomer will be made known within the next two months and in South Africa the introduction is scheduled for the first half of 2009.