Alfa Romeo chooses Uma Thurman to launch the Giulietta


Famous actress Uma Thurman and William Shakespeare’s verses – “We are such stuff as dreams are made on” – are featuring in the advertising campaign that will be revealing the multi-faceted soul of the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta ahead of the presentation to the public at Italian dealerships scheduled for 22 and 23 May.

The star of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, who combines an ice-cold, untainted image with aggressiveness, bravery, dynamism and beauty, epitomises the various souls of Giulietta, a car that knows how to be agile in the toughest situations and comfortable on everyday roads. This is the merit of the new “Compact” architecture. Using sophisticated suspension technical solutions, a dual-pinion active steering, top-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the Giulietta achieves excellent levels of on-board comfort, dynamic features and safety (both active and passive).

Created by Leo Burnett, the international campaign – on TV, press, posters, radio and web, across all the main countries in Europe – plays on the parallelism between Uma Thurman and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta: the actress’ personalities are reflected in the features of the car and ultimately merge. References starting from a dream-like, abstract dimension are resolved in an urban context, attributing realism and consistency to Giulietta’s dream. The substance of the new Giulietta is further confirmed by the pay-off which counterbalances the Shakespeare quote: “Without heart we are only machines”. In brief, the new Alfa Romeo is a dream that becomes reality. Precisely like the legendary 1950s model – the name of the new car is a clear tribute – that made the dream of owning an Alfa Romeo reachable for the first time for motorists worldwide.

Another remarkable talent was chosen to capture Uma Thurman’s personality: Fabrizio Ferri. The famous, versatile Italian photographer took the black and white pictures of the press and poster campaign.

The TV commercial will be aired in Italy starting in May and was entirely filmed in the USA. Directed by Kevin Fitzgerald, Uma Thurman plays five roles, five different women who symbolise the different souls of the car. The suggestive, exciting sound track is by Maestro Flavio Ibba.

The new Giulietta is destined to grace local shores towards the end of this year. The line-up is still to be defined but the two most likely engines are the 126 kW Multiair and the 175 kW Multiair in Quadrifoglio Verde guise.

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