• World première: Alfa Romeo 4C
  • MiTo SBK, also in numbered limited edition
  • The new Veloce version now complements the Giulietta range

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo returns to the Geneva Motor Show with a spectacular booth that unfolds like a winding, dynamic road, the ideal place to present the world première of the Alfa Romeo 4C, the ‘compact supercar’ which represents the true essence of a sports car, embodying the authentic values of the brand: Italian style, performance, and technical excellence, offering maximum driving satisfaction in total safety.

Designed by Alfa Romeo and produced in the Maserati plant in Modena, the beguiling mid-engined rear-wheel drive coupé with 2 bucket seats will be available for purchase in 2013 and it will be the first car to mark the return of the Italian brand to the United States and thus inaugurate Alfa Romeo’s global growth plan.

Derived directly from the concept which raised many eyebrows in wonder at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, the Alfa Romeo 4C uses technologies and materials derived from the 8C Competizione – carbon, aluminium, rear-wheel drive – and technologies from the latest standard models from Alfa Romeo currently on the market, but thoroughly developed to enhance the sports appeal of the new car to the full. This is demonstrated by the new 1750 Turbo Petrol engine with direct injection and aluminium block, the sophisticated “Alfa TCT” twin dry clutch transmission and the Alfa DNA selector with the brand-new Race mode.

Alfa Romeo

A length of approximately 4 metres and a wheelbase of less than 2.4 metres: these dimensions on the one hand emphasise the car’s compact attributes while also accentuating its agility on the other. In addition, the excellent dynamic features of Alfa Romeo 4C are confirmed by a weight to power ratio of less than 4 kg/HP; it’s a value worthy of a real ‘supercar’. This vehicle quite simply screams Alfa. Its sports car soul creates a unique driving sensation, both on the road and when racing, where its velocity and transverse acceleration become even more demanding.

The public at the Geneva Motor Show will be able to admire some examples of the Alfa Romeo 4C on display and will even be able to get hands-on experience of the most innovative technological content: the engine-transmission unit dissected so that you can see its tiniest details and the suspended carbon fibre chassis to emphasise its lightness, surrounded by a transparent profile which takes up the line of the 4C to help visitors contextualise the position of the body in relation to the body of the car.

Alfa Romeo 4C Car Show

Beside the Alfa Romeo 4C, the booth will also be exhibiting two MiTo vehicles: a Limited Edition Superbike 170 HP of 200 models and a Superbike 1.4 135 HP TCT Special Series, customised with the original SBK kit. Both special versions are inspired by the MiTo, Official Safety Car of the “FIM SBK Superbike World Championship”, a witness to the winning team of the brand and the Championship, starting in 2007, that best conveys Italian motor racing style and experience around the world.

The spotlights will also be trained on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta which will be débuting the brand-new Veloce (“Fast”) version in Geneva, an evocative name from the Alfa Romeo tradition, devised in 1956 together with the Giulietta. The versions bearing this name were created with the specific purpose of identifying cars distinguished by specific equipment which emphasised their sports character. Today, just like then, the Giulietta Veloce responds to the needs of a clientèle looking for contents and styling details with a particularly distinctive and sporty spirit. The end result is a striking car that expresses Alfa Romeo values in the very best light.

Alfa Romeo 4C Inside

Alongside these new products, the public will also get the chance to admire the powerful Quadrifoglio Verde and the Giulietta equipped with the exclusive “QV Sportiva” pack, dedicated to all customers looking for a car with exciting performance, top-level technological equipment and distinctive styling.

Both the cars and a dedicated area of the booth will show the exclusive accessories produced by Mopar®, the Fiat Spa and Chrysler Group LLC division that deals with Customer Service activities and Parts & Service operations. Specifically, the Alfa Romeo MiTo SBK is equipped with rear dam and side skirts, while Giulietta offers carbon parts – such as the spoiler, door mirror fairings, the gear knob and dashboard inserts – as well as the velour mats with the ‘Giulietta’ logo and customised valve caps. The Mopar® display is to be completed with the merchandising products dedicated to the Alfa Romeo 4C supercar shown in special display cases.

For the Brand, the World Première of the Alfa Romeo 4C represents the occasion to launch the exclusive merchandising collection inspired by the new ‘super compact’, created working closely with Mopar®. Thanks to the support of the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the products were conceived and produced to reflect the sports essence of the new model and reinforce its premium identity, both in the design and in the materials used (aluminium, carbon, leather). This way, the connection between the model and the products of the merchandising line is clear and indissoluble.

Geneva Motor Show Alfa Romeo

The product range, the development of which was coordinated by Mopar®, includes various types of item: the more iconic, able to express the brand’s image and the content of its DNA to the full, such as the all-carbon long-board, the aluminium luge and the carbon sunglasses. Then, those characterised by fashion and lifestyle, such as the high-impermeability raincoat, the carbon-brushed sweatshirt with softshell inserts and the waterproof backpack. A more technological area is occupied by the ski goggles or snowboard with GPS connection for augmented reality, the ceramic clock and the handmade carbon and aluminium pen, while the car-shaped USB drive and the carbon cover for iPhone or iPad are more geared towards fun.

What’s more, in response to the huge demand from fans of the Brand, Alfa Romeo and Mopar® are launching the new e-commerce portal right in Geneva. Within the portal, you can purchase all merchandising products, including the high-quality Alfa Romeo vintage line and the new line dedicated to the 4C, plus a vast range of accessories for personalising your car.

Alfa Romeo will be offering visitors to the Geneva Motor Show 2013 an original experience linked to the launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C. Specifically, the exhibition space will be fitted with a laboratory with two latest-generation 3D printers which will be producing, in real-time throughout the show, a limited series of gadgets in PLA, a biodegradable plastic, mirroring the style of the Alfa Romeo ‘compact supercar’. Visitors who wish to collect their own unique and customised item free of charge can reserve it on the website: Once at the booth, they will be invited to select the colour of the reserved item using an interactive panel and witness its physical production with their own eyes, layer after layer, then collect it. Indeed, 3D printers make it possible to create any item and they are the last frontier in digital customisation. Conceived by Seac02, this initiative is implemented with the collaboration of Fablab Torino, the first Italian ‘fabrication laboratory’ specialising in production and digital fabrication.

Finally, visitors will be introduced to the products of FGA Capital, a finance company specialising in the automotive sector, through illustrative materials and dedicated media at the booth. The finance company is operative in all the major European markets, and in Switzerland with Fidis Finance, with a sole mission: to support the sales of all Fiat Group Automobiles brand vehicles by offering innovative financial products with high added value services targeted to the dealership network, private customers and companies.

World première: Alfa Romeo 4C

The final version of the Alfa Romeo 4C makes its début at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva. This mid-engined rear-wheel drive coupé with two bucket seats represents the true essence of a sports car at the heart of Alfa Romeo’s DNA: performance, Italian style and technical excellence, offering maximum driving satisfaction in total safety.

Designed by Alfa Romeo engineers and produced in the Maserati plant in Modena, the new ‘compact supercar’ will be available for purchase in 2013, marking the return of the Italian brand to the United States and inaugurating Alfa Romeo’s global growth plan.

The Alfa Romeo 4C derives directly from the concept which raised many eyebrows in wonder at the Geneva Show in 2011, so much so that it won three prestigious awards: the ‘AutoBild Design Award’ (2011, Germany), the ‘Design Award for Concept Cars & Prototypes’ (2012, Italy) and the ‘Most Exciting Car of 2013’ – ‘What Car?’ (2012, Great Britain).

Acronym 4C

The acronym ‘4C’ draws its inspiration from the brand’s glorious past, projecting the values of technology and emotions into the future. Indeed, it refers to Alfa Romeo’s great sporting tradition: the acronyms 8C and 6C in the 1930s and 1940s distinguished cars – both racing and non – fitted with the powerful ‘eight cylinders’ and the innovative ‘six cylinders’, confirming in its design layout and construction the goal of achieving the weight/power ratio of an authentic supercar, less than 4 kg/HP, yet focusing not merely on the maximum power delivered, but on limiting the weight to guarantee maximum agility and top performance. To this end, the Alfa Romeo 4C uses technologies and materials derived from super sports cars (including the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione) – carbon fibre, aluminium, rear-wheel drive – and technologies from the latest standard models from Alfa Romeo, but developed to enhance the sports appeal of the new car even further. This is demonstrated by the new 1750 Turbo Petrol all-aluminium engine with direct injection, the sophisticated “Alfa TCT” twin dry clutch transmission and the Alfa DNA selector with the brand-new Race mode.

Exterior style

Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the 4C immediately brings to mind some of the traditional iconic models which have left a significant mark in the history of the Brand. Above all others, in terms of dimensional and layout similarities, one stands out in particular: the 33 Stradale, a car that combined extreme mechanical and functional requirements with an essential style which “clothed” the engine and chassis appropriately with unmistakable Alfa Romeo treatments. The 4C has followed suit, and thus completes a journey which was embarked upon with the 8C Competizione, emphasising some particular concepts of the brand, such as compact size, dynamism and agility.

The development of the 4C’s exterior was characterised from the start by the need to enhance the style of the car and the technical characteristics both the from a dynamic and aerodynamic point of view. For this reason, all the style solutions adopted have been optimised in accordance with the ultimate goal of the car: performance.

The rear volume, sinuous and enveloping, simultaneously encloses and embraces the throbbing heart of the car: the mechanics and the engine, visible through the rear window.

All this, thanks to the development of a marked musculature above the wheels, lends strength and power to the rear end.

The rear musculature supports its structure on round rear light clusters and on the side air intakes necessary to cool the intercooler and the air intake for engine aspiration.

From this energy-charged rear volume and the two side air intakes spring the two long muscles which lend speed and dynamism to the side, generating the necessary volume at the front end to house the headlights and, on the central part, the two robust ribs running along the bonnet, tracing the unmistakable “V” come to their natural conclusion around the shield.

This, together with the two side intakes, forms the famous ‘Trefoil’, a substantial facet of Alfa Romeo’s profile.

Interior design

The elemental design and essential materials also distinguish the interior, which is all designed and built for maximum driving satisfaction. Specifically, the carbon fibre in the interior immediately stands out, used to make the central cell, which has been left in full view to enhance the sense of light weight, technology and uniqueness. The dashboard and door panels have an “asphalt ” treatment to recall the vocation of the Alfa Romeo 4C, conceived to convey maximum driving sensation from the road.

The seats, made of composite material, ensure dedicated sports posture, favouring the driver’s contact with the road without, however, compromising the comfort required for everyday use of the car.

The dashboard, simple and designed to make using functions simple too, reaches its zenith in the concept of extreme driver-orientation, thanks to digital instruments and gear shift controls located on the appropriately shaped steering wheel.

The cockpit, which powerfully suggests the world of motorcycle racing and race cars, brings together all information necessary to drive and control the car.

The information, which is  rendered captivating through powerful, high-impact graphics, allows the driver to keep everything under control without distractions from controls that would be superfluous on this type of car.

The pedal unit and footboards for driver and passenger are all made of aluminium and embellish the lower part under the dashboard, highlighting sports character down to the smallest detail.

Dimensions and aerodynamics

The compact dimensions make this car with 2 bucket seats truly unique among its competitors: it is just under 4 metres long, 200 cm wide, 118 cm high and with a wheelbase of less than 2.4 metres. These dimensions serve both to emphasise the car’s “supercar proportions” and to accentuate its agility. What’s more, owing to the designers’ excellent work, the car achieves maximum aerodynamic efficiency levels, guaranteeing a negative Cz which, as in racing cars, contributes towards achieving increased stability at higher speeds thanks to the aerodynamic downforce.

New direct-injection 240 HP 1750 Turbo Petrol engine

An evolution of the engine already in use in the Quadrifoglio Verde version of the Giulietta, the new ‘4 cylinder’ 1750 Turbo Petrol engine implements an innovative aluminium block and specific intake and exhaust systems which have been optimised to enhance the sports appeal of the car even further. In addition, it boasts cutting-edge technical solutions including direct fuel injection, dual continuous variable valve timing, a turbocharger and a revolutionary scavenging control system that gets rid of any turbo lag.

Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission

The 1750 Turbo Petrol engine is teamed with the innovative Alfa TCT automatic twin dry clutch transmission, which is a genuine benchmark in its segment due to its limited weight and extreme speed of activation. The gears can be changed in sequential mode using the “shift paddles” located behind the steering wheel.

The new Alfa DNA selector with ‘Race’ mode

The Alfa Romeo 4C also sees the début of the new Alfa DNA selector which not only features the three standard settings available until now – Dynamic, Natural and All Weather – but also a fourth mode: ‘Race’, designed to enhance the driving experience on a race track even further.

Excellence made in Italy

The very best technical and industrial expertise of the Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands were used to develop the Alfa Romeo 4C. Specifically, the teamwork between the two brands was aimed at the integration of the Alfa Romeo design department with the Maserati production plant. This was boosted by the technical and technological contribution of other Italian companies, international leaders in the sector of high-performance sports car components. In short, this too is a distinguishing trait of Alfa Romeo, a brand with a century of history that continues to be one of the most famous and popular ambassadors of Italian products across the world.

MiTo SBK, also in numbered limited edition

The Swiss catwalk will see the likes of the MiTo SBK Limited Edition 1.4 170 HP QV and the MiTo Superbike Special Series, two cars which celebrate the most prestigious and hardest fought championship, Superbike, the motorcycling event that Alfa Romeo models have taken part in since 2007 as Official Safety Cars. More than any other, Alfa Romeo is the brand able to convey the spirit experienced on the track.

SBK Limited Edition 1.4 170 HP QV Special Series in 200 units

Rising up out of the base of the sportiest version of the model – the “Quadrifoglio Verde”, the legendary symbol that has distinguished some of the most “aggressive” Alfa Romeo products – the new MiTo SBK Limited Edition sets itself apart with a few new elements that emphasise its impression of a car with a “vice-like grip on the ground”: from its side skirts to its rear dam, in addition to its 18″ titanium alloy rims from beyond which the red of the Brembo brake calipers is evident.

Offered with the sporty aluminium pedal unit, cruise control, dual zone climate control system and Blue&Me system, the powerful MiTo SBK Limited Edition can “wear” two body colours (black and Alfa red) that can be matched with three roof shades: black, Alfa red and the new Cristallo white. The same sporty imprint has been given to the interior, enhanced by the Sabelt seats with a wraparound carbon fibre backrest made with the innovative RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology that teams great mechanical resistance with smaller dimensions and lightness. The central Alcantara® fabric is distinguished by the Alfa Romeo logo, reproduced in an absolutely original way. It is all embellished with new red stitching that enhances the craftsmanship of the product on the leather trim of the gear lever knob and steering wheel, the latter complete with radio controls. Lastly, the central panel of the dashboard is made truly unique by the SBK Limited Edition plate with progressive numbering from 1 to 200.

The exclusive MiTo SBK Limited Edition version is fitted with the most powerful engine in the range, which also received an award from an international jury as the “best new engine of the year 2010”, the 1.4 Turbo MultiAir 170 HP. Alfa Romeo has chosen to equip it with some cutting-edge solutions to bring out the qualities of the model listed above: road holding, agility, active safety and driving feeling are emphasised thanks to an engine which has one of the world’s highest specific power values and a chassis worthy of a higher category. The pièce de résistance of this engine version is its outstanding weight/power ratio, which has always been one of the key factors behind the success of Alfa Romeo cars on the road and the race track. It is at the top of its category with 6.7 kg/HP. At 124 HP/litre, this engine is also one of the world leaders in specific power. This is a point worth dwelling on, because it proves the effectiveness of the philosophy of “downsizing”, aimed at producing high-tech engines to achieve better performance accompanied by drastic reductions in fuel consumption and emissions. Indeed, it is this latter area which provides the most fantastic evidence of the technical level achieved: 4.8 l/100 km and 139 g/km of CO2 (in the extra-urban cycle) are closer to what you would expect from an economy car than a compact sports car that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 7 seconds.

The new MiTo SBK Limited Edition is fitted with the “Alfa Active Suspension” system. The system, through the control of the shock absorbers, reduces oscillation of the car body in all driving conditions, ensuring maximum safety, comfort and driveability. In particular, thanks to the many parameters controlled by the new device, it is possible, for example, to counteract load transfer in acceleration, by stiffening the rear and guaranteeing meteoric acceleration with maximum traction. Using the same principle, it is possible to make the suspensions interact with the braking system and steering to obtain more effective control of the dynamics of the vehicle.

The system is also able to identify the driving and road surface conditions to then choose the most appropriate control mechanisms, in addition to harnessing the reaction speed due to the high calculation capacity and to the specific technology of the shock absorber solenoid valves. The end result is an instantaneous response, with controls applied in real time, to assist the perception and technique of the driver.

In addition to providing high-level technological performance, the new “active suspension system” guarantees outstanding comfort in conditions of everyday use. Thanks to the “Sky Hook” function, the device isolates the passenger compartment, making it completely protected from the roughness of the road. Thanks to this system, the chassis is therefore able to modulate its performance according to the usage conditions or the driver’s wishes.

SBK Special Series

Available with all the engines in the range – except for the 70 HP 1.4 and 170 HP 1.4 – the new SBK Special Series offers several of the aesthetic features of the Limited Edition version.

On the outside, the peculiarities of this version include 17″ titanium alloy rims, chrome-plated spoiler and exhaust, mirror fairings the same colour as the roof, sporty rear bumper, black fog light frame and the new titanium “SBK” logo placed on the rear of the car.

The aggressive look of the MiTo SBK Special Series is enhanced by four body colours – Black, Alfa Red, Tornado Blue and Biancospino – combined with three roof shades: Black, Alfa Red and the brand-new Cristallo White.

The same racing spirit is found on the inside with the “SBK” logo on front head restraints and the black “carbon look” dashboard. Standard equipment includes manual climate control system, radio with CD/MP3 player and leather steering wheel. Naturally, there is no shortage of safety equipment as standard, just like every other version in the range, placing the MiTo at the top of the category in terms of passive and active safety: 7 airbags, ESC, Q2 Electronic Differential, Seat Belt Reminder, to name just some.

The model on display in Geneva is further customised with the original SBK kit that includes some of the features of the limited edition version: the side skirts, rear dam, racing pedal unit, red brake calipers and 17” titanium-finish alloy rims. In addition, this MiTo SBK Special Series is fitted with the 1.4 135 HP TCT engine, powered with turbocharger which delivers a torque of 230 Nm at 1,750 rpm and teamed with the Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission.

The new Veloce version now complements the Giulietta range

To continue its starring role in 2013, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta offers the new Veloce version which, together with the recent introduction to the range of the Sportiva trim level and Collezione pack, will contribute towards consolidating the excellent sales performance demonstrated so far. In 2012 the Giulietta gained a 3.0% share of its segment in Europe and 16.8% in Italy, where it was the best selling 5-door compact saloon in the segment for several months. In absolute terms, more than 190,000 units.


“Veloce” (Italian for “fast”) is an evocative name from Alfa Romeo’s glorious tradition, devised in 1956 together with the Giulietta. The versions bearing this name were created with the specific purpose of identifying cars distinguished by technical specifications and equipment which made them sportier and more distinctive. Today, just like then, the Giulietta Veloce is the perfect response to the needs of a clientèle looking for contents and styling details brimming with character. The end result is a car that best emphasises Alfa Romeo values at a particularly competitive price.

On the exterior, certain sophisticated features stand out, including the 17″ sports turbine-design alloy rims with titanium finish and the 225/45 tyres, the headlights with dark trim, the door mirror fairings with titanium finish, the chromed front door handles and the ‘Veloce’ logo.

The same sporty feel is present inside, where the passenger compartment presents a new dark colour to emphasise the titanium finish on the central part of the dashboard, the central tunnel and the door inserts. The steering wheel is made of leather with a matt black panel and red stitching, while the seats are upholstered with a new “Competizione” two-tone Black and Red fabric with contrasting stitching.

The Giulietta Veloce can be customised upon request with the roof painted in matt Magnesio Grey or Glossy Black. If the former is picked, the colours of the body to match are Pastel Black, Ghiaccio White, Alfa Red, Antracite Grey, Metallic Red and Etna Black. On the other hand, with the Glossy Black roof, the following body colours are available: Ghiaccio White, Alfa Red, Magnesio Grey and Metallic Red.

Sold across Europe, the new Giulietta Veloce is available – depending on the market – with the various engines in the range and it offers a wealth of standard equipment, including ‘Alfa climate control’, Alfa Sound System with CD/MP3 player and 6 loudspeakers, radio controls on the steering wheel, electric rear windows and front fog lights, plus the Alfa DNA selector, Q2 electronic self-locking differential and all the technology available on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.


The Geneva Motor Show will also be witnessing the exhibition of a Giulietta with the exclusive ‘QV Sportiva’ trim level, inspired by the legendary Quadrifoglio Verde that has always been the symbol of the technical excellence of Alfa Romeo creations. Dedicated to all customers looking for a car with exciting performance, top-level technological equipment and great styling, the new version can be equipped with the 1.4 Turbo Petrol 120 HP engine, with the 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Petrol 170 HP engine – also with Alfa TCT twin clutch automatic transmission – and the 1.6 JTDM 105 HP, 2.0 JTDM 140 HP and 2.0 JTDM 170 HP turbo diesel engines, the latter also with Alfa TCT.

Identified by a special external badge, the new trim level is distinguished by a sporty low ride, 18″ alloy rims and 225/40 tyres, side skirts and oversized Brembo brakes with red calipers. Compared to a traditional system, it ensures better brake efficiency, shorter braking distances and prompter brake response in addition to a more comfortable ride and optimal suspension efficiency. Headlights with dark trim, satin door mirror fairings and tinted rear windows complete the exterior style of the new Giulietta Sportiva.

Features of the dark sporty interiors include aluminium racing pedal unit, leather and micro-fibre racing upholstery with red stitching (Distinctive) or red or black leather with red stitching (Exclusive), aluminium kick plate with Quadrifoglio Verde logo, leather steering wheel with matt black trim and red stitching and a burnished brushed aluminium insert on the dashboard.

Quadrifoglio Verde

The third car on show in Geneva is the exclusive 235 HP Giulietta 1750 TBi Quadrifoglio Verde (four-leaf clover), a legendary symbol which has competed on tracks all over the world. Equipped exclusively with the highest-performing engine in the range, this version is distinguished by its thoroughbred sports design, combined with 17” (18” as optional) rims, guaranteeing segment-leading driving pleasure and surprisingly limited fuel consumption for this power rating. The “Quadrifoglio Verde” is thus reinterpreted in a modern vein, combining the utmost driving pleasure with greater environmental awareness for an eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly sportiness.

The Giulietta flagship is fitted with the powerful 235 HP 1750 TBi engine which boasts a specific torque of 195 Nm/litre (the highest of any petrol engine in this category) and, as a crowning achievement, a maximum torque of 340 Nm delivered at just 1,900 rpm. The engine boasts some cutting-edge technological solutions including direct fuel injection, dual continuous variable valve timing, a turbocharger and a revolutionary scavenging control system that gets rid of any turbo lag.

All the strengths of the Giulietta

The car has been accumulating numerous international accolades and awards ever since its launch. Its considerable success is based on simple considerations: the Giulietta kept the promises that it made at launch, about superlative handling and driving satisfaction, outstanding quality and limited running costs, excellent space and comfort and category-leading active and passive safety.

Driving satisfaction

The Giulietta has assumed a place in the tradition of the best Alfa Romeo models, drawing on its heritage of dynamic performance, without compromising on efficiency and convenience in everyday use. The secret behind this performance is drawn from continuous technological research, which finds its utmost expression in the Giulietta. This is demonstrated by the “Compact” architecture – created with high-resistance materials which allowed the weight of the structure to be limited – Dual Pinion active steering, the sophisticated suspension configurations, the Alfa DNA dynamic driving selector and the multi-award-winning MultiJet and MultiAir engines. These are the innovations which spelt success for the project, together with the Alfa TCT transmission, which completes the extraordinary technological make-up of the car.

Safety as a strength

For those who think that safety detracts from performance, the Giulietta turns the tables, taking its place as one of the safest cars in its category. In addition to the undisputed dynamic features of the Giulietta, all versions fit plenty of standard equipment, such as six airbags, ESP, three-point seat belts with double pretensioner, anti-whiplash system and third load line for excellent passenger compartment protection. These are followed – again as standard – by certain systems which are unique in this category, such as Alfa DNA with electronic Q2 differential, the system which allows torque to be transferred to the outer wheel when cornering, to prevent understeer at the front, with benefits for the car in terms of traction, safety and driveability. And there’s more: DST, which prompts the driver to correct their driving in the event of an emergency, through impulses at the wheel. Finally, the Pre-fill system guarantees maximum promptness during emergency braking. All these features translate into an extremely high active and passive safety level. The car earned five stars in crash tests according to the stricter parameters introduced by Euro NCAP from its launch, scoring 97% for adult passenger protection, one of the highest scores in the category. Today, the Giulietta is still the benchmark in the compact sector for safety.

Space and comfort

The Giulietta achieves an excellent standard of comfort, on the firm foundation of a build quality which is impressive on every level. For example, the superior driving comfort is due to the longitudinal and vertical filtering capacity of the suspension. The same applies to the passenger compartment sound insulation, with side windows which are thicker by 25% and double seals at the doors. In tests, it proved the best among its direct competitors, both in terms of articulation index and in the 50 km/h on paving test.

As far as interiors are concerned, the Giulietta combines the appearance of a true sports car with great everyday practicality. Comfort is a strong point: the high quality of the materials used for the dashboard and the ergonomics of the interior space in general contribute to a great on-board experience. There hasn’t been any compromise on load capacity either, thanks to a luggage compartment with a very regular shape which can be exploited to the full, with a width of 1023 mm between the wheel arches and a maximum capacity of 350 litres, in line with that of its main rivals. These are the elements which underpin a far-reaching success, encompassing a broad customer base, including families. Lastly, the dynamic feeling that the car offers at the wheel has no parallel: in the roll test, like a true Alfa Romeo, the Giulietta demonstrates the lowest gradient value among all its direct competitors.

The best indices for reliability, residual value and customer satisfaction

Some important indices confirm the build quality of Giulietta, placing it at the top of segment. Take servicing, for a start: compared to the competition, Giulietta is the car which requires the least servicing in its first 3 years or at 90,000 km. All this demonstrates the efficiency, reliability and low running costs which led to the success of the car not only among individuals but also in fleets, where the Giulietta is Italy’s best-selling car and is making its way into the corporate policies of Europe’s biggest companies.

Another indication of the Giulietta’s superior quality is the maintenance of its value over time: according to independent third parties such as Eurotax, the prices for the compact Alfa Romeo on the used car market head up the category in many European markets and not only in Italy.

A further confirmation of the Giulietta’s build qualities is found in customer satisfaction: 98% say that they are satisfied and almost all (90%) recommend the car, 15 points above the market average for models at launch. The analysis offered by the customers demonstrates that characteristics such as handling, comfort and efficiency are those that give most satisfaction, and satisfaction grows as the mileage increases.

Efficiency: the optimal relationship of performance to consumption-emissions

The excellent performance/consumption ratio confirms the Giulietta’s exceptional efficiency, a value which is further increased thanks to the introduction of the Alfa TCT. With the new automatic transmission, the car achieves excellent values for the segment, improving on the already impressive standard set by the manual gearbox: on both engine versions – 1.4 TB MultiAir 170 HP and 2.0 JTDM 170 HP – which allow TCT, the jump from 0 to 100 is improved and, at the same time, there is a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of CO2.

With regards to the power/emissions ratio, the Giulietta is best in the petrol engines class. That’s not just in relation to engines with the same power, but even in relation to versions with lower power. In detail, the Giulietta1.4 TB MultiAir 170 HP TCT has a top speed of 218 km/h with just 7.7 seconds needed to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Even with this excellent performance, the fuel consumption and emissions are extremely low: 5.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle and 121 g/km of CO2, values that make the Giulietta the most environmentally-friendly and efficient petrol-powered compact on the market, even when compared with manual gearbox versions of competitors with distinctly lower power ratings and performance.

Even when fitted with the 2.0 JTDM 170 HP diesel engine, the values are at the top of its category. In fact, compared to the same manual gearbox version, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h changes from 8.0 seconds to 7.9 seconds, fuel consumption (combined cycle) drops from 4.7 l/100 km to 4.5 l/100 km, while CO2 emissions reach a level equal to 119 g/km (124 g/km with the manual gearbox). The low running costs of this car, combined with limited consumption, also make it an ideal choice for corporate fleets.

Heir to a great tradition, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCT blends the best in driving feeling and performance with a car which is comfortable and cutting-edge across the board. The innovative Alfa TCT twin clutch transmission completes the car’s comprehensive technological offer and will allow it to increase coverage of the compact segment in Europe by approximately 10%. Additionally, the new version will also be able to compete in markets which are dominated by automatic transmissions, such as Japan and Australia. And the initial data confirms the appreciation of the public: from the start of ordering to date, the demand for Alfa TCT automatic transmissions on the car is 15% of the total, thus already above the European average, promising great sales success for the future.