Alfa Romeo’s World Record attempt to be staged at Kyalami this Sunday


On Sunday, 29th June, Alfa Romeo will attempt to break the Guinness World record for the largest parade of Alfa Romeos ever assembled.

The venue for the attempt is Kyalami Racetrack and the parade is scheduled to take place at 12h50 sharp. In order to qualify for the record-breaking attempt, more than 200 Alfa Romeos will need to participate in the parade and the distance covered needs to be in excess of 3,2km (2 miles). Further requirements include that the registration number of each vehicle, as well as the name and telephone number of the driver, have to be submitted together with the world record claim.

Alfa Romeo Marketing Manager, Leoni Rademan-Ludeke, is extremely upbeat about the record attempt: “Of course we’re all very excited here at Alfa Romeo South Africa about the prospect of being entered into the Guinness World Records – we’re expecting a capacity crowd in excess of 10 000, of which at least a 1000 of these will be Alfa drivers. So please, if you have an Alfa Romeo, make your way to Kyalami and become a part of this historic occasion.

“But this Alfa Romeo Kyalami Day is going to be a very special one for a number of other reasons too. Firstly, it’s the culmination of our very successful Alfa Romeo 8-Day Experience which saw our dealers in this past week getting actively involved in promoting the brand by means of shopping centre displays, special retail promotions and an extensive test-drive campaign. Secondly it will be the first time that Alfisti will get the chance to view the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider which will be on display in a specially created exhibition area at Kyalami together with a host of classic and current Alfas. (Of special interest is the fact that everyone who test drove one of our models during the 8-Day Experience has been entered into a draw to win a trip to Italy to drive the awesome Alfa 8C.) Thirdly, it will also give prospective Alfa customers the opportunity to drive the current range of cars around the track. What more could any Alfa fan ask for?”

So, get down to Kyalami Racetrack this Sunday – gates open at 8am (close at 5pm), entrance is free and indulge in the ultimate petrolhead experience.