Alfa Romeo’s new Extended Warranty Plan


Getting behind the wheel of your Alfa Romeo should always be a pleasurable experience, even if your car is nearing the end of its warranty, or in some cases*, even when the warranty of your vehicle has expired. Now thanks to Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty, an extended warranty plan that is available throughout the Alfa Romeo dealer network, hassle-free motoring is guaranteed.

Administered by Motorite Insurance Administrators, the acknowledged leaders in the field of mechanical breakdown insurance, Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty is your insurance against the cost of potential future repairs and labour.

“The Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty has been specifically designed with the Alfa owner in mind”, said Justen Cooper, Managing Director of Motorite Insurance Administrators. “It is a collaboration that, after much consultation, incorporates the experience of Alfa’s own technical teams, as well as Motorite’s knowledge of the South African Warranty market and we are excited by the prospects and looking forward to our association with a premier brand such as Alfa Romeo,” Cooper went on to say.

Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty can be arranged at the time of purchase when you organise your car’s finance and insurance cover, or at ANY STAGE while the Alfa Romeo Warranty is still valid, or in some cases*, even when the Manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

This is good news for purchasers of used Alfa Romeos (even if they are purchased from a non-Alfa Romeo dealer). Provided your Alfa is under five years old, has less than 100 000km on the clock and has a proven and appropriate service history with an approved Alfa Romeo dealership, it is eligible for the Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty – a programme that will provide additional warranty coverage on major components for a period of two years or 40 000km, whichever occurs first. Your extended warranty begins when the Manufacturer’s Warranty and/or maintenance plan ends, so there’s no overlap – you only pay for the warranty extension period.

The benefits are obvious. For a very affordable premium of just R6 490 (excl. VAT) you get:

  • Your investment protected – know that you are covered for most mechanical and electrical faults after your new vehicle warranty has expired. (A detailed list of all components covered and associated benefits are available from your nearest Alfa Romeo dealership.)
  • An increase in your vehicle’s potential resale value.
  • The Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty is transferable to the next owner of your car.
  • Access to the Alfa Romeo Dealership support network across the country.
  • Free Alfa Care Warranty Assist, a medical and roadside emergency assistance programme administered by Europ Assistance, which comprises a 24-hour Helpline, Medical Assist (if the emergency occurs whilst using the insured vehicle), Roadside Assist (reimbursable, subject to the stated benefit, if the breakdown is as a result of the failure of a component covered by the Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty), as well as Legal Assist and Map Assist.
    “Our aim is to offer Alfa Romeo customers a world class service and the Alfa Care Pre-Owned Warranty Plan is another step in that direction. It’s the simple, affordable solution to care-free motoring,” says Oscar Rivoli, Managing Director of Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa.
    *Certain models like the 147 and GT would fall into this category.
    Celebrating more than a decade of Fiat & Alfa Romeo in South Africa!