ALCOLOCK™– Why is it the answer?


If ALCOLOCK™ is the answer, you are probably wondering what the question is.

But before I tell you the question, let me explain to you what an ALCOLOCK™ is and how it operates.


ALCOLOCK™ is a breath alcohol ignition interlock that measures the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the driver and prevents a vehicle from being started if the driver’s BrAC is over a predetermined limit.

In layman’s terms that means that if a driver does not provide and pass a breath test the vehicle is immobalised. ALCOLOCK™ removes the possibility of a drunk driver driving a vehicle – which in turn makes our roads a much safer place and will without doubt save many lives. It also provides piece of mind to fleet operators, that their vehicles and goods are being operated and transported by sober, coherent drivers.

Over and above the safety aspect of using an ALCOLOCK™, each ALCOLOCK™ keeps highly detailed information about the driver’s behaviour; from extremely accurate BrAC readings, start attempts, vehicle run time, retest information and any attempt to circumvent the ALCOLOCK™ system. This information can be received in real time via a telematics unit – giving fleet managers up-to-date information on their driver’s behaviour.

ALCOLOCK™ technology is being used extensively in Europe and North America. The French government recently passed a law that makes it mandatory for all vehicles that transport school children to be fitted with an ALCOLOCK™ unit. Hopefully a similar law will be passed in our country one day.

ALCOLOCK™ is the next level in fleet management. For commercial truck and bus operators, earth moving equipment and ships, using an ALCOLOCK™ is a proactive preventative measure to reduce the carnage on our roads, in our construction yards and in our oceans.

Don’t be left wondering what could have been if you had fitted an ALCOLOCK™. Prevention is better than cure – especially when there are lives on the line.

It should be clear now that the question goes something like this; how are we going to save lives and make our roads, construction yards and oceans a safer place for all?

The ALCOLOCK™ is complete Safety. In the palm of your hand.

Don’t settle for imitations when it comes to safety. Choose the industry leader in breath alcohol interlocks. Choose ALCOLOCK™.

The ALCOLOCK™ is available through Discover Nine (Pty) Ltd.


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