Alan Turing Computing Pioneer 100 Years later


    Today 23 June 2012 Google is celebrating the 100th Birthday of Alan Turing. Alan Turing was an English Mathematician, Computer Scientist, cryptanalysis and Logician. If you visited the Google front page on the 23rd of June 2012 you would have seen the strange machine on the front page.

    Alan Turing

    Crunching zero’s and one’s in what seems like a random chaotic fashion. This strange machine is called the Alan Turing machine. The Alan Turing machine played an important role in the creation of the modern-day computer. Alan Turing was highly influential and considered a pioneer in the development of computer science and formalizing the concepts of Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence and computation.

    About Alan Turing

    Alan Turing were born in London, England in the United Kingdom on the 23rd of June 1912 and died at the age of 41 on June 7th, 1954. He was British. He studied at King’s College, Cambridge, Princeton University, University of Cambridge, Government Code and Cypher School, National Physical Laboratory and the University of Manchester.

    He specialized in the following fields Mathematics, Cryptanalysis and Computer science. He received many  Awards and Recognition for his work; the most notable of these are his Officer of the Order of the British Empire and the Fellow of the Royal Society awards. Alan Turing were best known for his work in Halting problem, Turing machine, Cryptanalysis of the Enigma, Automatic Computing Engine, Turing Award, Turing Test, Turing patterns. For more detail information about Alan Turing you can read more on Wikipedia

    Alan Turing


    The Alan Turing Machine

    The Alan Turing machine is a device that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules. Despite its simplicity, a Turing machine can be adapted to simulate the logic of any computer algorithm, and is particularly useful in explaining the functions of a CPU inside a computer.

    Alan Turing described the Turing Machine as follows:

    “…an infinite memory capacity obtained in the form of an infinite tape marked out into squares, on each of which a symbol could be printed. At any moment there is one symbol in the machine; it is called the scanned symbol. The machine can alter the scanned symbol and its behavior is in part determined by that symbol, but the symbols on the tape elsewhere do not affect the behavior of the machine. However, the tape can be moved back and forth through the machine, this being one of the elementary operations of the machine. Any symbol on the tape may therefore eventually have an innings.” – by Alan Turing

    Source Wikipedia the

    Alan Turing Machine

    How does the Google Doodle Turing Machine work?

    If you look at the Google Doodle Alan Turing Machine you will see that the Google logo is grayed out. By completing combinations using the Alan Turing Machine the Google Logo will light up from left to right.

    The Alan Turing Google Doodle provides users with an interactive game of deciphering to get the correct combination to completely light up the Google Doodle. Once the Google Doodle challenge is completed visitors will be directed to the Google Search Results for Alan Turing.

    Step by Step instructions for the Alan Turing Google Doodle

    To start the Alan Turing Google Doodle Challenge you need to click on the Green Play button. This will start the process:

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 1

    The first step in solving the Coding riddle is to click on both the yellow buttons and set the zero’s to one’s. The purpose is to decipherthe coding needed to highlight all the letters in the Google logo.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 2

    If you have set both yellow buttons to one’s and click on the “Green Play” button the first letter in the Google Doodle would have turned to “Blue”.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 3

    To continue the “Alan Turing” challenge you need to set the yellow button to empty and press the Green Play button.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 5

    If you followed the steps the first “o” in Google will have turned “Red”.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 6

    In the next step you need to change the yellow button to 4 zero’s and click the Green Button.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 7

    If you followed the steps the second “o” in Google should now also be highlighted.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 8

    In the next step in solving the “Alan Turing” Riddle you need to change the yellow button to “empty”.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 9

    If you press the “Green Button” the “G” in the Google Logo should now be “Blue”.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 10

    To continue with deciphering the code you will need to set the next yellow button also to empty.Alan Turing Google Doodle step 11

    The last process in completing the “Alan Turing” Google Doodle is the most difficult to complete. In the last code to activate the Google Doodle you need to get 4 combinations correct. Below we have taken a screenshot of the correct combination to complete the “Alan Turing” Google Doodle code.Alan Turing Google Doodle step 12

    If you have followed all the steps the “Google” doodle should now be highlighted and you would have completed the Google Doodle deciphering process.

    Alan Turing Google Doodle step 13

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