Alain Prost: new ambassador of the Renault brand

  • Dating back to 1976, the story full of victories linking Alain Prost to Renault is taking on a new dimension in 2012.
  • This year, the four-time Formula 1 champion is becoming an ambassador of the Renault brand.
  • Alain Prost will place throughout the year all his expertise and renown at the service of Renault and its vehicles.

Alain ProstMore than 30 years after the start of the relationship between the four-time F1 champion and Renault, the two partners have decided to give a new dimension to their collaborative effort. By accepting to become a brand ambassador, Alain Prost will place all his technical expertise, professionalism and renown at the service of Renault and its products.

Throughout the year he will take part as a Renault driver in sports demonstrations and also as a representative at events organized or attended by Renault.

“Renault’s history is intimately linked to that of motorsport and I have a deep attachment to the brand, with which I achieved some of the greatest successes in my sporting career, Alain Prost said. I accepted this mission with pleasure and I intend to accomplish it with professionalism.”

 “We are delighted that Alain Prost has accepted the role as our brand ambassador. Carlos Tavares, Chief Operating Officer said. As a four-time Formula 1 champion renowned the world over for his technical expertise, Alain is without a doubt one of the most demanding ‘customers’ that Renault has ever had! He is the best-qualified personality for talking about the progress made by Renault in the last few years on quality, technological innovation and performance.”

Renault Formula One

Alain Prost has taken the wheel of a Renault Duster on 23 February at the Race Stars in Moscow. The event marks the first appearance of the “Professor” as an ambassador of the Renault brand