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Google Doodle Akira Yoshizawa Video

Akira Yoshizawa

Today 14 March 2012 Google Celebrated the birthday of Akira Yoshizawa. If you are not sure who Akira Yoshizawa you are not alone. Before the Google Doodle of Akira Yoshizawa today I did not know who “Akira Yoshizawa” was. Although I have actively participated as a child in the art of origami of which he were the Grand Master. Origami is the art of creating objects and arts from folding paper.

As a child in primary school we had hours of fun folding objects like butterflies and airplanes from paper. It is only today thanks to Google that I have learned about the art of Origami and Akira Yoshizawa.

Akira Yoshizawa was the Grand Master of Origami in 1989 he claimed to have created more than 50 000 paper objects. When you start searching for Akira Yoshizawa or Origami you will quickly find out that he have created and published several books on Origami. In the video below you will see one of his paper folding techniques and creations demonstrated by an Origami artist.

Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle Video

We have created a short video about the Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle. If you have missed the Akira Yoshizawa Origami Google Doodle you can check out the video to see what the buzz were all about. You can also visit the

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