After Christmas Sales


After Christmas Sales

There is no better time to shop for Christmas 2012, than to do you shopping the day after Christmas in 2011. This may sound stupid but there are many things that you can buy on Sale for Cheap that will still be high fashion in Christmas 2012. With the turmoil we are experiencing in financial […]

After Christmas SaleThere is no better time to shop for Christmas 2012, than to do you shopping the day after Christmas in 2011.

This may sound stupid but there are many things that you can buy on Sale for Cheap that will still be high fashion in Christmas 2012. With the turmoil we are experiencing in financial markets, job security and general economic security have made consumers more aware of how they spend their money on luxuries.

Economically it makes sense to buy Christmas Gifts one year in advance. Not only are you able to get gifts at half price, or two for the price of one. You are also saving on inflation.

If you shop for Gifts right After Christmas you will find the best quality products that did not sell this year at bargain prices.

You do not want to do your shopping on the 27th of December, 28th of December or the 29th of December. If you leave you’re “After Christmas Sales” shopping a day later than the 26th of December the chances that you are going to get the supreme Christmas Sale items are becoming less and less.

In some shops and retail stores they may give you a bigger percentage off, as it comes closer to January but you might only sit with the left over products that nobody anyway wanted to buy if you wait for prices to go lower that the sales just after Christmas.

Shops sits with a big dilemma when they need to anticipate Christmas Sales, they are never 100% sure how much items of a specific product they will sell. This usually mean that they will either run out of products that turned into top selling items, or that they will sit with some products that they thought would sell well but did not. This is where the opportunity lies to find the best buys and the best products.

There might have been a top selling item like a laptop, Apple Iphone, Apple Ipad or Apple Ipod or the new Google Notebooks with Christmas packaging that did not all sell during the Christmas period. Because this were a hot selling Christmas gift there may be only a limited amount left in stock, but you can pick it up for 25% less than what they sold these for Pre-Christmas.

They cannot keep these products because they have been branded with Christmas packaging so they need to clear the shelves for normal product packaged products. Nobody wants to buy Christmas packaged products in February subconsciously something about the product would just not seem right.

“After Christmas Sales” – Today is the time to buy!

Today we had a quick look at what some of the leading retailers had on offer and some of the best after Christmas sales products and specials that we could find. Our verdict remains the same if you want to find the best prices on products today is the day that you need to purchase your products. The “After Christmas Sales” that you buy today will save you a lot of money compared to pre-Christmas prices.

After Christmas Sales at Target USA

Target after christmas salesIf you visit target stores in the USA you will see there “After Christmas Clearance Sales section miles away. Target have made the statement on their website that you can find “After Christmas Sales” on their website where you can save up to 65% of the normal price of the products that forms part of the “Target After Christmas Clearance Sale”.

I do not know about you but I would rather buy a Camera, Laptop or Iphone, Wii Nintendo, Xbox and more 10 days later for the chance to save 65% on these items than to buy them at Full Regular Christmas pricing.

It is still not to say that you will get 65% off these products but you will save money by shopping at Target at their “After Christmas Sales” Clearance sales than it would be to shop at their pre-Christmas prices.

This year Target is providing Free shipping if you spend $50 or more at their online Target store. There are some conditions so it may be a good idea to read their “after Christmas Sale” terms and conditions before you do your shopping.

After Christmas Sales at Walmart USA

Walmart After Christmas SalesWalmart is possibly one of the best places where you can spend your “After Christmas Sales” money. As usual walmart stores are taking the cake when it comes to retail and they have some of the best prices on “After Christmas Sales” gifts, clothing, home appliances, gift packets, cameras, electronics, laptops and Beauty products!

For the best deals at Walmart, remember to look for the High quality items in Christmas packages, these type of products need to sell, and you will get the most discount on these type of products!

One of the great specials this “After Christmas Sales” period includes a top range Kodak C1530 14 Mega Pixel digital camera that you can pick up for only $59 bucks. You can also get the Kodak PlayTouch Orange HD Camcorder, 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen Display for only $99.00 where it previously sold for $199.00. There is also several Sony, Nikon and Canon Cameras on sale at Walmart this year.

Walmart also have great prices on laptops and you can get a good deal on the Toshiba brand of laptops during the “After Christmas Sales” period.

Office Depot after Christmas Sales

office-depot-after-christmas-salesThe “After Christmas Sales” are now also at the Office Depot. This year you can visit the office depot website for some stunning “After Christmas Sales” items. On their FrontPage they are advertising deals where you can save up to 50% of the regular price and free delivery on selected items.

If you have your own business the “After Christmas Sales” at office depot is a great way to purchase products today at reduced prices that you would anyway going to use and buy in your business over the next few months!

Best Buy after Christmas Sales.

Best Buy After Christmas SalesThe “After Christmas Sales” are going to be from Sunday to Tuesday at “Best Buy” this year. They have some stunning products on their web site for reduced prices. One such product are the Samsung 55″ Class LED 1080p 120Hz 3D HDTV with Free Glasses which is a high end LED display for an incredible price. When you buy the Samsung product you can save up to $900 bucks which in my book is a BEST BUY.

Another steal this year at BEST BUY during their crazy “After Christmas Sale” included the Gateway Laptop with AMD E-Series Processor, 15.6″ Display, 2GB DDR3 Memory, 320GB Hard Drive Laptop which you can buy for only $289.99 which is another Steal from BEST BUY. Another steal from BEST BUY includes the Hot Prices on Select Canon DSLRs: EOS Rebel T2i and EOS Rebel T3i which is one of the items I bought today.

For the BEST BUY this year on electronics check out the “After Christmas Sales” section on the BEST BUY website.

After Christmas Sales Update

Many retailers today reported that the “After Christmas Sales” were one of the busiest shopping days in 2011. The day is just behind “Black Friday” after Thanks-Giving. Many people use the “Day After Christmas Sales” to stock-up on gift wrap, paper, christmas stockings and Christmas Fillers for next year! All Christmas Stock are on sale during this period!

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Published : Monday December 26, 2011

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