After Christmas Sales and New Year Sales


    Yesterday many people across the world made their return to the shops and Malls. This trend has been particularly seen in the USA, Canada, and Australia and in the United Kingdom. Many people received gifts over the Christmas Period that did not work, which they wanted to return as quick as possible to exchange it for the same item in working condition.

    The same applies to clothing where some received a T-Shirt that did not fit, or wanted the T-Shirt in a different color or size.

    According to a Retailer in Nebraska, United States this is normal for this time of year. People received something for Christmas and they are not completely happy with the gift and want to exchange the gift for something similar.

    He also commented that many shoppers received gift cards over the Holiday Period and they want to change the Gift card into a tangible product as soon as possible. Before Gift cards were not very popular, but kids have started complaining about the Gifts that their parents gave them over Birthdays and Christmas. Malls and Retail shops have picked up on this and started their own Gift Cards. Instead of giving someone Cash as a Christmas Gift people have started to use Gift Cards instead.

    The Gift Card is similar to Cash but usually restricted to certain mall, or certain shops.

    Today retailers have reported that people are not just doing there “After Christmas Sales anymore but have already started stocking up for their New Year’s Celebrations!

    It is still too early to report on actual “After Christmas Sales for 2011” but some retailers that we talked to indicated that they were surprised at the amount of people that showed up for their “After Christmas Sales” shopping.

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