After Christmas Sales a good period for Retail Stores


    When I lived in America 5 years ago, I was running my own retail store, which meant I could only start relaxing and get my store back to normal the day after Christmas. This was normally a very busy day, because people were returning stuff and also came in and looked for bargains, to spend their Christmas money on things that they could not afford on Pre-Christmas prices.

    As a retailer I loved the day after Christmas, not only did you get rid of slow merchandise but you got space for new merchandise and the next upcoming holidays! In my store I had “day after Christmas” sales, and my store was known for the best sales and specials in Omaha Nebraska on the day after Christmas.

    Some of the merchandise that I marked down included Christmas Decorations, most of my customers loved to plan their next Christmas themes in advance buying High Quality Christmas decorations and lights on sale. The shelves as you entered my store where set out for all the holiday merchandise, so my clients did not even have to go through a lot of trouble to get the best specials the day after Christmas.

    The day after Christmas was basically my family’s Christmas day, and our yearly vacation started on this day! Because our family lived in South Africa, I tried to visit them over the Holiday Season and also the Airline tickets were on sale this time of year. It made flying to South Africa affordable.

    To get cheap, quality gifts to take home to South Africa for Christmas. We made use of all the specials the day after Christmas.