Aerocatch dealers to be given "authorised" status by manufacturerSpecialty Fasteners and Components, the designers and manufacturers of the ubiquitous bonnet and panel fastener, AeroCatch, have taken the decision to issue all distributors and dealers with Authorisation Certificates for display on their premises. 

    The move is part of a programme to counter a growing threat from counterfeit AeroCatch arriving from the Far East. Graham Leo, sales manager at SFC is concerned for motorsport competitors’ safety: “We have been alerted to an increasing number of counterfeit versions of AeroCatch coming onto the market recently and would urge anyone considering using AeroCatch to purchase from an authorised dealer. Most counterfeit versions are very difficult to operate and do not fasten securely. Some could even prove dangerous with normal everyday use!”

    AeroCatch as a product has registered designs and trademarks throughout the world including a patent in the USA, all of which are being infringed by these counterfeits. 

    However, many purchasers do not realise the difference and are unwittingly fitting dangerous counterfeits to their cars. As responsible manufacturers and in a quest to beat this unacceptable situation, AeroCatch are prepared to offer anyone who has bought a counterfeit kit, which are also marketed as D1 Generation, a genuine AeroCatch in exchange upon receipt of the illegal kit and the suppliers contact information. The information supplied will be in confidence and not divulged to any other party concerned. 

    Aerocatch dealers to be given "authorised" status by manufacturer

    There are many ways to tell the difference between genuine AeroCatch and a counterfeit and these can be found on the AeroCatch website at 

    The best way to tell is that AeroCatch can only be purchased through an official AeroCatch dealer. Anyone who is unsure can always ring AeroCatch with details of where they made the purchase on + 44 (0)1803 861714 in the UK or 714 842 2603 in USA.