About the Nutcracker Ballet for Christmas Google Doodle


Today December 10, 2012 Google have featured the Nutcracker Ballet Google Doodle on their homepage. If you have no idea about the Nutcracker Ballet, you can learn a lot about the play from the Google Doodle itself.

Nutcracker Ballet

By looking at the Google Doodle it is obvious that the Doodle is connected with Christmas with the Christmas Tree, Christmas Presents and Christmas Decorations in the Google Doodle art work. There is also two ballerinas in the doodle, suggesting that the Google Doodle have some connection to a fairytale, play or Ballet and character that looks like a soldier, and on the far left a mouse king.

In my opinion the Google Doodlers have done a great job in creating the Story of the Nutcracker Ballet within the Google Doodle. The Guardian have done a stunning job telling the story of the Nutcracker and have created a page full of useful information about the

“Nutcracker Ballet”

which is well worth a visit if you want to read more about the Nutcracker Ballet and watch some videos about the Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker Ballet is 120 years old today and was first showed at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on Sunday, 18 December 1892. Originally the play were not a success, the Ballerinas and actors in the play were children, in later years adults played the roles in the “Nutcracker Ballet” and it became very successful and are still showed today, especially close to Christmas the play comes alive and in many countries in the world you can view the “Nutcracker Ballet” during the Christmas period.

For more information about the “Nutcracker Ballet” you can visit Wikipedia, where you will get a overview of the

Nutcracker Ballet

and detailed history about the various plays and characters from the play.

You can also visit the Nutcracker Ballet on 3D Car Shows for more information on the

Nutcracker Ballet

Google Doodle.