Abarth talent show for aspiring drivers has begun


“Make it your race 2012”: enrolment for the Abarth talent show for aspiring drivers has begun


Enrolment for the 2012 edition of “Make it your race”, the first international talent show for aspiring drivers aged from 18 to 40, started at on 1 March. The scene is the track, the atmosphere the smell of petrol, its hallmark adrenaline. 105 amateur drivers from acrossEurope will be challenging each other to win the ultimate award: competing at the wheel of an Abarth 500 “Assetto Corse” in a real Trofeo Abarth 500 race alongside the pros. Usually, the race is to the swift. This time, the race is to the best.

The initiative is perfectly in tune with the tradition of the Scorpion marque, which has promoted the “democratisation of racing” ever since it was founded by Karl Abarth.

To date, over 10,000 pre-enrolments have been collected in the six countries involved in the project – Italy, Germany, the UK, France, Switzerland and Belgium – following a video teaser which was watched nearly 600,000 times on YouTube. These numbers suggest that this edition will be as successful as the one in 2011, which involved over 5000 young people and made the dream of a lifetime to come true for 20 of them: that of competing in a real race at the wheel of a real race car. After all, the underlying concept of “Make it your race” is “Not speed, not thrills. Your goal is the dream”.

All amateur (and therefore unlicensed) drivers aged between 18 and 40 and resident inItaly,Germany, theUK,France,SwitzerlandorBelgiumare eligible to take part. Selection will take place via the website and the YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels. From the aspiring drivers who sign up, 105 will be selected to take part in a special driving experience at theAbarthDrivingAcademy. The 24 best, representing the six countries, will take part in a boot camp, where they will live out a team experience for a week and put their abilities to the test, facing all kinds of challenges every day.

After a further selection process, a race driving course will prepare the best to face the adrenaline rush of the track, ensuring the utmost safety through professional, technical and practical training. This stage will narrow the competition down to six finalists, the best, who will be able to take to the track in an Abarth 500 “Assetto Corse” together with professional drivers, in the Trofeo Abarth test on the Franciacorta circuit, on 24 June 2012.  The driver who achieves the best overall place will have a car all to themselves in addition to the possibility of racing in an Abarth 500 Assetto Corse again.