A new adventure destination


The dictionary has a simple definition of adventure,” An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity.” Well not to be negative given the state of the nation even popping around to the local cafe could be typically hazardous, one could hit a large pothole, be mugged or high jacked or even be involved in an accident.

4x4 adventure

So then let’s say that everything we do is an adventure .A simple drive in the Kruger becomes and adventure when you encounter a rogue elephant or even a reckless driver!

It’s all about the “adventure lifestyle” and what you do, if you have a 4×4 it may simply be to enjoy the space and height, especially when visiting game reserves as it enables you to view and photograph game from a better vantage point. Others need the extra traction from a soft roader simply to get them to places where they may wish to fish, canoe, go trail running or even mountain biking. Our country affords us numerous adventure lifestyle opportunities-many of which are easily accessible.

And now there is a new destination available to all of us, a space where you can share and interact with like minded people, allterrain.co.za , a portal for adventure enthusiasts, brought to you by premium adventure brands. The site allows you to showcase your adventures, no matter what they may be as well as interacting with like minded folk.

The All Terrain website offers information to both registered and guest visitors, and is poised as a virtual adventure community with social media integration to build a community, who are able to help and learn from each other – whether they fancy a 4×4 or hiking trip through the bush, a canoe ride down a river or a bicycle ride up a mountain.