A deal not seen B4 or since


Changan Southern Africa’s B4 programme is putting South Africans on wheels, for as little as R999 per month.

“For many South Africans personal transport remains an unattainable dream, simply because there is no way of getting behind the wheel of their own vehicle and then being able to meet the monthly cost requirements.

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This leaves people stuck in a cycle where they are forced to use the minibus taxi infrastructure, whereby they must spend upwards of four hours in every working day either waiting to go somewhere or squashed inside a vehicle which has severe limitations in terms of its active and passive safety. And for this dubious privilege they must pay the best part of R1 000 a month.”

Changan Southern Africa is on a mission to break this cycle through the introduction of the Chana B4 programme.

B4 refers to an extensive revitalisation and refurbishing programme applying to hundreds of Chana Benni hatchbacks and Chana Star light commercial vehicles which were in storage when the previous Chana importer ceased to operate.

CSA realised these vehicles provide an ideal opportunity to beat the budget blues and has embarked on a programme to refurbish these units to a ‘nearly-new’ standard. The starting point for the programme was an extensive audit to ascertain which of these cars were beyond redemption, and which ones could be sold as ‘used demonstrators’ once fully refurbished.

“The safety of the end user is paramount, and there are clearly non-negotiable issues which include attending to brakes, tyres, glass and handling,” explains CSA chief executive Teresita van Gaalen. “So Chana B4 used demonstrators undergo a thorough examination from grill to bumper and everywhere else in between for sound safety, to be fully compliant and roadworthy.”

Many Chana B4 cars have also been re-upholstered throughout, had their dashboards refurbished and had paintwork retouched. A full oil change, engine wash and replenishment of all fluids give them a clean bill of mechanical health.

Chana B4 Bennis are sold with a one-year, 60 000 km manufacturer’s warranty. The complete range of Chana B4 used/demo vehicles qualify for financing through all the major banks. Depending on the model, a customer can drive off in a Chana which has seen very little use B4, for as little as R49 999