motorpointA poll by Motorpoint, the UK’s leading car supermarket group, has shown that UK Motorists would not be comfortable with using a self-driving car such as the Google car.

The UK’s leading car supermarket polled nearly 2,000 of their website users and found that 58% were not keen on letting a computer take the wheel. This survey comes in the wake of Nevada granting the Google self-driving car its first permit.

With California expected to follow Nevada in granting the car permission to take to public roads we may soon see similar technology in Britain, so Motorpoint asked if UK motorists would welcome a sentient car taking them for a spin.

It seems that although 42% were prepared to sit back and let a computer do the work, the majority of motorists are not quite ready to hand over the pleasure of driving cars like the Peugeot RCZ 2.0 HDi GT 2DR of which Motorpoint has plenty in stock. All are at delivery mileage for £19,999 giving a saving of £5,575*. These Peugeot’s are available in a variety of metallic paint colours.

Alternatively, Motorpoint has many Honda CR-Z Coupe 1.5 IMA Sport Hybrid 3DR models which allow the driver to be part of its much-loved style for just £15,999 – a saving of £3,047*. This model only costs £30 a year in road tax and Motorpoint is offering a range of colours finished with pearlescent paint.

Over 12,000 people visit the car supermarket’s motorpoint.co.uk a day which shows its vast selection of 3,000 plus cars.

Says David Shelton, Motorpoint Managing Director: “In today’s cars, there is more technology than ever before such as our Ford Focus Titanium X’s which have a self-park feature fitted as standard. However, it seems that people still love the thrill of the drive, and in this sunny weather there isn’t much that beats a winding country road.

“We believe that is why our website visitors have voted they would not choose a self-driving vehicle at this time. In that case, we have pinpointed some cars amongst the thousands we have in stock that are particularly enjoyable to drive.”