5 Awesome Virtual Reality Games


Virtual Reality may have had many failures in its path but now that the technology is more affordable than ever it is quickly becoming a reality. Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Sony are betting big on Virtual Reality

Once Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality becomes mainstream it will be hard to go back to normal. Who wants to play a game in 2d if you can play it in 3D with 360° vision?

1. Introducing Bullet Train by Epic Games

Epic puts enormous effort into building great technology and content for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.  They believe that the VR revolution currently underway will open up unprecedented opportunities for game developers, filmmakers, and other creative folks.

Since making Unreal Engine 4 available for free earlier this year at GDC, a million new developers have chosen Unreal, and they’re creating some amazing VR experiences. Just take a look at the Epic game “Bullet Train” to see why the big companies, gamers and people like you and me are getting so excited about Virtual Reality.

2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will soon go Mainstream – Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft showed off holograms that you can wear and hold with a mixed-reality game called Project X Ray. The new game runs on the company’s HoloLens platform. Microsoft positions the Hololens as a computer running Windows 10. Rather than only virtual reality, this headgear puts you in the middle of mixed reality. It does that by seamlessly fusing the richly textured 3D holographs in the world around you. Hololens might turn out to be useful for design and conceptualisation work. However, nothing beats the possibilities it creates for the gaming industry.

This is simply awesome technology and will change the gaming world and how we interact with technology forever!

3. Gunjack Virtual Reality Game

Gunjack is a visually stunning, virtual reality, arcade shooter game set in the futuristic EVE science fiction universe. Built from the ground up for VR using the next-generation Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, Gunjack delivers fast-paced, immersive action in a gorgeous panoramic sci-fi setting. Step into the boots of a gunjack, the hired gun who’s got a paycheck waiting on the other side of the worst ambush this old rig has ever seen. Jack into your turret, power up your guns, and defend your mining platform from deadly waves of enemy ships determined to blast you and your crew into oblivion.

With its intuitive controls and intense, full-immersion action, Gunjack is the ultimate pick-up-and-play VR experience. Gunjack is available this fall with the launch of the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus Rift technology.

4. Ubisoft “Eagle Flight” Virtual Reality Game

Developed exclusively for Virtual Reality, “Eagle Flight” sends you to the skies of Paris to experience the freedom of flying and heart-pounding aerial dogfights like never before! Experience breathtaking free flight and absolute freedom as you soar past iconic landmarks. Hone your skills in single player missions, and explore the city to find hidden collectibles and discover secret passages to gain the advantage in multiplayer.

This game simply looks awesome, and makes me even more excited about the future of Virtual Reality and how it is going to change the gaming world forever.

5. Minecraft Virtual Reality and Hololens

Minecraft is a game we’ve seen countless times before. And yet! The virtual reality demo showcased by Microsoft today makes the game almost seem brand new.

You can start a new world on any surface you’d like—as you can see in the video below. it is truly magical Magical.

This is just some of the games being developed for Virtual Reality, companies are betting big on Virtual Reality and if all goes to plan it is going to change the world, gaming, entertainment and education forever!

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