40 years of BMW Headquarters and Museum


40 years of the BMW Tower and Museum. 
Dossier: facts & figures.




  • 14 June 1966 Presentation of plans for the construction of a new administration building at a Board of Management meeting

14 May 1968 – Nov. 1968 Tender and competition

December 1968 Contract awarded to Prof. Karl Schwanzer

December 1968 – July 1970 Adaptation of the design and detailed planning

16 July 1970 Laying of foundation stone and start of excavation work in Dostlerstrasse

28 July 1970 Official groundbreaking ceremony

April 1971 Start of construction of the museum

7 Dec. 1971 Topping-out ceremony

July 1972 Building shell and park areas completed

August 1972 For the Olympic Games: canvas logos appear on the east and west façades

30 Sep. 1972 End of contractual construction period

Oct. 1972 – Jan. 1973 Interior design

Dec. 1972 Open day for employees

22 Jan. 1973 Start of occupation of the building

18 May 1973 Official opening ceremony for Tower and Museum

November 1973 Installation of company logo

from 29 Oct. 1999 Tower awarded listed building status

April 2004 Start of renovation work on the BMW Museum and Tower

August 2006 Reoccupation of the Tower following renovation

21 June 2008 Opening of the new BMW Museum following renovation and expansion

April 2013 BMW Headquarters voted one of the world’s most impressive corporate head offices

Facts & figures

BMW TowerBuilt (exterior completed): 1970 – 1972Topping-out ceremony: 7 December 1971

Official opening: 18 May 1973

Architect: Prof. Karl Schwanzer

Architect of renovation: Peter P. Schweger

Cost: approx. DM 100 million

Height: 99.5 m =

approx. height of Munich’s Frauenkirche

Floors: 22 (18 office floors in Tower)

Aluminium façade window elements: 2,304

Weight (Tower): 16,800 t

Building plot: 14,730 m²

Useful area: approx. 53,000 m²

Jobs: approx. 1,500



BMW MuseumBuilt (exterior completed): 1971/1972Opening: 18 May 1973

Architect: Prof. Karl Schwanzer

Architect of renovation: Atelier Brückner

Design of museum

expansion: ART & COM

Diameter of Museum Bowl: 40 m

Area of Museum Bowl: 1,000 m²

Area of low building: 4,000 m²

Total exhibition space: 5,000 m²

Net total area: 10,000 m²

Gross floor area: 12,200 m²

Number of floors: 3 in the permanent exhibition area,

5 in the Museum Bowl

Total number of rooms: 25

Length of tour: approx. 1 km

Number of exhibits: approx. 130

Annual visitor numbers: over 500,000