Diversified technology company 3M has given a boost to distributors, bodyshops and consumers with the launch of its new Headlamp Repair Kit.

    Comprising of a range of high quality tools and components, the new kit is easy to use – constituting a simple six-part process which is similar to flatting and polishing – and enables operatives to repair each headlamp in 15 to 30 minutes. Two new compounds, 3M Plastic Restorer and 3M Plastic Polish, complete the repair system. These come in quantities of 12 per case and are available separately.

    3M Headlamp Repair Kit

    Darren Lansley of 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division explains: “The majority of cars use plastic headlamp lenses and, with the effect of sunlight, these lenses deteriorate over time through UV hazing and discolouration. This makes it unsafe for drivers on the road and also raises the likelihood of those cars failing their MOTs.

    Therefore, from a driver’s point of view alone, there is a clear market need to provide a viable and cost-effective alternative to headlight replacements. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that headlights are the most commonly damaged parts in low speed, parking manoeuvres. The kit allows bodyshops to repair minor damage rather than replace which has cost as well as environmental benefits.”

    Darren added: “The kit has already been launched in Europe and the United States with considerable success.

    Moreover, the 3M tools can also be used for SMART repairs such as blow-ins and awkward area applications.”

    For further information visit www.3Mbodyshop.co.uk.