3D Time Square New Year’s Day Drop Ball


    ball-drop-2012If you would like to watch the Drop Ball ceremony in New York, You may want to get yourself ready to watch this spectacular event as millions in America make their countdown towards 2012. The Tradition was started in 1904. Lady Gaga will press the button at 11:59 to start the Drop Ball. Exactly 10 seconds before 2012 the Ball will stop and the crowd at Times Square will start counting the last 10 seconds to New Year’s Day.

    3D Broadcast on Smart Phones

    You can watch the drop ball ceremony at time square from your Smart Phone via the 3D Drop Ball 2012 feature available on the

    Earth Cam

     site. We haven’t tested the Drop Ball 2012 Smart Phone Application but believe that it will work on your Iphone, Blackberry or Android Powered phone. We suggest that you check out these applications sooner than later to not miss the New Year’s Day Countdown to New Year’s Day in New York.

    3D Drop Ball Video Streaming

    You can also watch the Drop Ball event live on your computer from the services of Earth Cam. You simply need to go to the Earth Cam site. You will see that the Countdown to New Year’s Day in New York has already started. The countdown timer on the website indicates the time to the event. We suggest that you check out the 3D Drop Ball feature on the earth cam site now, to spare disappointment later, and see if you have everything needed on your computer to watch the event live.

    Television Broadcast of the New Year’s Day Drop Ball

    If you are close to a Television you can also watch the live Drop Ball ceremony on your Television. This is the more traditional approach but probably the best way of watching the Drop Ball ceremony if you are not in New York. ABC Television will provide live broadcasting of the event; it is also likely that you will see live Broadcast from the event on CNN.

    You may also want to sign into ABC Television’s website and CNN to view the Drop Ball 2012 Time square ceremony!

    The Ultimate View of the Drop Ball Ceremony

    The best way of watching the Drop Ball function is to actually be at Time Square when the New York New Year’s Day Countdown starts. Thousands of people will be at Time Square to watch the event’s live. There is nothing more hair raising and exciting to stand between thousands of people, counting down the new years and the excitement and happiness of when it is New Year’s Day.

    A special Happy New Year to all those privilege enough to be at Time Square for the Drop Ball Ceremony, we will be watching you online!