3D Car Shows Virtual Tour of Johannesburg Motor Show

How to use the 3D Car Show Virtual Tour:

  1. Wait for the Virtual Tour to load. (It may take some time to load the first time).
  2. The Virtual Tour will open on the Abarth stand

Virtual Tour Start

  1. Click and hold down your mouse and move left or right, or up and down to navigate the scene.
  2. Visitors can look for green icons within the virtual tour, by clicking on the green icons visitors can move from one scene to another within the virtual tour.

Virtual Tour Full Screen

  1. To Zoom into an object or view one of the cars closer, the visitor can use the “+” button on the virtual tour control panel, or the “–” button to zoom out.
  2. Visitors can view the Virtual Tour in “Full Screen Mode” by clicking on the Full Screen Icon in the Virtual Tour Display Area, and to minimize the tour again, by clicking on the same button.

3D Virtual Tour Buttons

  1. To navigate from one Motor Manufacturer to the next, visitors can click on the Green Icons, or use the Quick Navigation between Motor Manufacturers at the bottom screen.
  2. If for example you would like to go to the “Suzuki” display you can use the Quick Navigation at the bottom of the virtual tour, scroll right untill you find Suzuki and click on Suzuki!

SUZUKI 3D Virtual Tour
We have recently created a Virtual Tour for the Amid Johannesburg Motorcycle Show, for more information about the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show and to visit the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show Virtual Tour you can visit the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show pages.