3D Car Shows and 3D Photographers


Johannesburg, South Africa – We have been working hard the past few months to get our sites up and active again also to rebrand and redesign these sites.

The 3D Car Shows have successfully revamped and re-launched their site from the ground up. The 3D Car Shows site at the time of this article have been jumping to an “Alexa Rank” to 615 000 overall most visited site in the world and are receiving about 30 000 Unique Visitors per month after the 3 Months revamp.

Audi R8 GT Front 2011

We envisage from the growth that we have seen in our website statistics that the site will grow even more over the next few months. We are expecting the site to grow 100% over the next 6 Months.

The site now offers potential advertisers in the automotive industry exceptional value and opportunity to expand their branding and business base via the 3D Car Shows site. It is phenomenon the growth that we have received on the 3D Car Shows site.

We have now also started working on the 3D Photographers site that will soon feature all our best images and photos that we have taken at the Johannesburg International Motor Show. These images will be broken up into individual car displays on the 3D Photographers site.

BMW 1 Series M-Coupe

The 3D Photographers site is also responsible for taking images for various companies and other websites that we own. We will soon also upload images to the 3D Photographers site, representing our best work in this other industries.

  • Photographers of Hair Show

The individual Car Brands and Car Models structure on the 3D Photographers site will make it easier for visitors to find individual cars that they are looking for, and the best images that we have taken for these cars. The 3D Photographers site and business have been established well before the 3D Car Shows site.

The 3D Photographers site has been registered on the 14 Jan 2004 and the 3D Car Shows site in August 2004.

According to Gerald Ferreira founder of both 3D Car Shows and 3D Photographers sites. The sites have been neglected in the past, and we will Endeavour from now on to keep the sites up to date with the latest of our work, as well as press releases and news from similar industries.

Usually the shoe maker’s shoes are broken. – We have done many quality sites for clients and have worked on big international companies sites, not paying much attention to these sites.

For more information you can visit the 3D Car Shows site or the 3D Photographers site.