360 Degree Virtual Video Tour Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013


We are happy to announce today 5 December 2013 that we are launching a new concept in the online marketing of events. Usually events have a limited lifetime and needs to fall into the precise schedule of people who want to attend these events or otherwise they maybe on holiday, out of country or in a different state or province when the event is on!

360 Degree Virtual Video Tours allows them to view any event in 360 Degree Virtual Video Reality!

They may also have scheduled meetings at the time of the event, be in hospital for an operation or whatever may keep them from going to the event. Our new concept 360 Degree Virtual Video allows people to still be able to attend these events online and see what the show (Event) was all about.

visitors to the 360 Degree Virtual Video can make contact with the companies in the 360 degree virtual Video Tour and conduct business with these providers and businesses.

The world is becoming smaller with 360 Degree Virtual Video Tours

Previously people interested in events like the Johannesburg Motor Show had to travel to the show to experience the show in reality, or watch video, images and read news about the event, without getting a “True” feel of what the show were all about and what the atmosphere were like at the show. With 360 degree Video Virtual Tour Technology people can view the show in Virtual Reality as close to being there as possible.

The 360 Degree Virtual Video Technology allow visitors to look around in 360 degrees just like Virtual Tours or Google street view but with the main difference that they are able to turn in 360 degrees and view things from different angle. The movement of people, cars, object and sales stuff also makes it much more exciting and it feel much more real!

The 360 Degree Virtual Video technology makes the world smaller and being in another country, doesn’t mean that you cannot experience the show as close to reality as possible.

Companies in other countries that want to future exhibit at the Johannesburg Motor Show can now easily see what the show is about, and get a true feel about the show before they invest into the show, or turn down the show because they think “Africa” a 3rd world country, what can Africa offer my company! – But by viewing the 360 Degree Virtual Tour video, see that South Africa have the technology, infrastructure and international companies to make it a good investment choice.

In many cases a show like the “Johannesburg Motor Show” is so big, that it is hard to capture and comprehend all the show have to offer in one “real-time” visit, having the history of the show, and business directory within the 360 degree Virtual Tour Visitors can go back to the show in Virtual Reality every time they wish, re-living the show, getting the kicks and information they need!

Virtual Video Reality Tour Johannesburg Motor Show

In the next couple of days we will update the Virtual Video Tour of the Johannesburg Motor Show, enabling you to walk through the complete show!

Want your own Events Virtual Video Tour?

If you are interested in getting your own Virtual Video Tour for your event or business you can contact Gerald Ferreira at webmaster@3d-car-shows.com for more information.