The winner of this year’s ‘escribe Early Bird’ competition has more reasons than ever to celebrate, as they prepare to take advantage of the focused new features that escribe – Thatcham’s crash repair data product brings to the repair community. They will also have access to over 3,000 additional repair operations covering new vehicles which have been added to escribe in 2012, with even more planned for 2013.


It’s a win-win for BMW, Jaguar LandRover and Volvo approved repairer ‘Yeovil Motor Company’, who will not only receive one year’s subscription to the new escribe absolutely free, but will also be amongst the first to experience the completely redeveloped product. Whilst there can only be one early bird, all Thatcham escribe subscribers can consider themselves winners since the redeveloped product is being offered at exactly the same price as last year, so customers can take advantage of the all new interface and features at no extra cost.

Chris Cox, Bodyshop Manager at Yeovil Motor Company said, “We’re very happy to be the Thatcham Early Bird winner. We’ve been subscribing to escribe for 12 years and have found the new online version absolutely brilliant, so it’s a real bonus to get our 2013 subscription for free – we’ll certainly get full use from it.”

escribe is the only methods product that reflects the extensive hands on research undertaken by Thatcham crash repair experts, who strip and rebuild new vehicle models to identify the best possible practice in repairing vehicles. Every repair method guides the user to identify the most efficient and cost effective repair specification whilst always focussing on quality and safety.

The new escribe also uniquely includes recommendations on sustainable repair, showing repairers how to repair rather than replace, improve key to key time in the workshop and maximising profits by saving on the cost of replacement parts.

Thatcham methods are validated by a specialist team of crash repair experts to make sure that where a vehicle has undergone a repair, it remains as safe as the original vehicle. Throughout the process, the Thatcham team work alongside vehicle manufacturers to agree repair methods in terms of their accessibility, usability, quality and suitability to produce effective repair scenarios.

Lesley Upham, Commercial Director at Thatcham, said “We’re hugely excited about the new escribe and a healthy mixture of new and returning subscribers shows that our customers are really seeing the benefits as well. To manage demand we’ve now put in place a dedicated implementation team to provide a personalised service, guiding users through the initial set up process and to ensure customers can take full advantage of the new product and those 3,000 new repair operations”

Enquiries about the new escribe should be directed to sales@thatcham.org or by telephone on 01635 293 174