21 December 2012 No Google Doodle for End of the World


    Today 21 December 2012 it is suppose to be the “End of the World”, this morning I anxiously opened my Google Search engine to see if Google have created a “End of the World” Google doodle for 21 December 2012, to my surprise there was just the ordinary Google Doodle and nothing for 21 December 2012 to announce the “End of the World” or leading to interesting stories about the “End of the World”.

     end of the world Google Doodle

    “There is No Official Google Doodle for 21 December 2012 – Announcing the End of the world”

    TOP Trend on Google+ for 21 December 2012

    21 December 2012

    “Image on Google+ Weather Forecast for the end of the world”

    Although there is no official Google Doodle for the end of the world on Google, Google+ are buzzing with people talking about the end of the world, and posting jokes, memes, and humorous jokes about the “End of the World”. During the past week leading to today the #endoftheworld tag were trending in the top 10 most discussed topics on Google+.

    Google+ end of the world

    “If you would like to read more jokes, humor and facts about the end of the world make sure to visit Google+ and search for #EndoftheWorld”

    Update on Google End of the World Doodle

    I have just discovered that there are indeed a Google Doodle for the End of the World. This Doodle is only available in cerain countries! To view the official Google End of the World doodle you can go to

    End of the 13th Baktun