• 2012 is, the year when the 130 g/km limit on CO2 comes in to force, and 15 of the 31 major manufacturers have met the target
  • The highest emitters are catching up
  • Overall the industry will not hit the target – but will not be punished,

1. Total Market

2012 YTD July 2011 YTD July improvement
average CO2 g/km average CO2 g/km %
Total Market 133.45 139.57 4.38%

2. Leading Manufacturers

There are now 15 (out of 31) major manufacturers* which are below the overall target figure of 130 g/km of CO2:

2012 YTD July 2011 YTD July improvement
Manufacturer* average CO2 g/km average CO2 g/km %
Fiat 113.12 116.97 3.29%
Toyota 117.05 125.09 6.43%
Lexus 117.25 132.19 11.30%
Citroen 119.66 122.02 1.93%
Seat 123.02 128.67 4.39%
Peugeot 123.47 129.7 4.80%
Suzuki 123.63 130.63 5.36%
Alfa Romeo 124.38 129.23 3.76%
Kia 127.93 135.7 5.73%
Mini 128.33 128.04 -0.23%
Volkswagen 128.34 131.76 2.59%
Ford 128.73 135.03 4.66%
Renault 129.09 138.89 7.06%
Hyundai 129.67 130.09 0.32%
Skoda 129.70 138.08 6.07%

Source: Spyder Redspy

3.    Highest emitters are cutting the fastest

The two significant manufacturers with the highest CO2 emissions, Porsche (201 g/km of CO2) and Land Rover (196 g/km of CO2) have both cut their emissions by 10% in the last year. It is significant that no major manufacturer is likely to end 2012 with a figure of over 200 g/km.

4.    The car companies that miss the target have nothing to fear

In 2012, only the lowest polluting 65% of each manufacturer’s range have to meet the target. Full compliance is not due until 2015. The EU is fond of quoting “130g/km of CO2 by 2012”, but this is simply not the case. A more accurate quote would be, “Manufacturers that sell over 300,000 cars in Europe should have 65% of their cars below 130 g/km – unless they make heavy cars, in which case 140 g/km of CO2 is fine”

For a full explanation of all the data and a list of all manufacturers’ figures, see cleangreencars.co.uk/co2

* defined as manufacturers whose range includes four seat models, not just two seat city cars.

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