The 2012 editions of the Michelin France road atlases are now on sale. With a more than 70% market share, Michelin is the leader in road atlas publishing. Its success is due in part to its regularly updated editions as well as its new iPad app. 

    In 2012, Michelin is sharpening its focus on road safety. Since the publication of its first map in 1910, Michelin has provided motorists with a wide variety of information to help them prepare their journeys and choose the best routes. In the 2012 editions, a new safety alert section shows all roads requiring special attention, such as steep gradients and difficult or dangerous sections.

    In line with official government recommendations, Michelin now also uses an exclamation-mark symbol to show areas where additional traffic speed cameras may be installed. 

    A laminated version of the atlas is another innovation for 2012. The fourth atlas in the collection, it is even more resistant to everyday wear and tear thanks to a new manufacturing process that makes it more water-resistant and pleasant to the touch. In addition, travellers can write on the laminated atlas with a pen and erase their comments later. 

    The map scale has also been changed (1 centimetre = 2.5 kilometres) so that a wider area now fits on a page, and additional tourist information (sites selected by the Michelin Green Guide, villages recommended as overnight stops, etc.) has been included. 

    The Michelin Map France 2012 iPad app 

    The latest Michelin France map iPad app – an App Store “best of” in 2011 – is now on sale in the App Store. The map that appears when the app opens enables users to see all of France at a glance then zoom in on three other scale maps for easier reading. The app features the full range of Michelin map content, including tourist sites from the Michelin Green Guide and a selection of hotels and restaurants from the Michelin guide. The 2012 Michelin France map for iPad is available offline so that users have no connection fees to pay. Available in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), the 2012 Michelin France map can be downloaded for £7.99.