Continental Tyres – General Grabber AT wins 4×4 Tire Test


General Grabber AT wins second consecutive local 4×4 tyre test

  • General Grabber dominates Drive Out / WegRy all-terrain tyre evaluation
  • Top scorer in off-road traction and stopping power
  • Second consecutive win for Grabber AT in local tyre test


PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 09 December 2014 – The General Grabber AT has won a comprehensive all-terrain 4×4 tyre test conducted by Drive Out / WegRy magazine.

The independent test, featured in the December 2014 issue of the respective English and Afrikaans versions of the magazine, was conducted at the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve near Worcester. It featured South Africa’s home-grown Dakar Rally ace Giniel de Villiers behind the wheel of a standard Toyota Hilux.


A total of 15 tyre brands were evaluated across a wide range of parameters, including tar and gravel braking, sand driving to measure traction and scaling ability, as well as a sidewall test.

The Grabber AT scored the highest points tallies in both sand driving tests, was fourth in gravel braking and less than three points behind the winner of the tar braking test.

Overall, the General Grabber AT led the field with an impressive final score of 198,38 points out of a possible 250. This was nearly 4 percent higher than its second-placed rival, and over 28 percent better than the competitor in 15th place.


“Given the Grabber’s good performance in the traction and pulling tests, General Tire can raise its pennant victoriously after this all-terrain campaign,” wrote test co-ordinator Ferdi de Vos. “Their off-road performance and good stopping power made them the tyre of choice.” Aside from the Grabber AT’s proven all-terrain abilities, it also emerged as a very well-priced offering. It featured in the middle of the price range for the 15 tyres evaluated, and was a staggering 42 percent cheaper than the most expensive tyre in the group – which also fared the worst.

“We are extremely proud of the locally produced General Grabber AT, which has once again proved its reputation as the best all-terrain tyre on the market,” says Niel Langner, Marketing Manager for Continental Tyre South Africa.

This is the second time in a row that the Grabber AT has topped a local 4×4 tyre test, after it won a tyre shoot-out conducted by another specialist 4×4 magazine in 2012.