The New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle


On December 31, 2012 Google displayed a New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle featuring all the best Google Doodles of 2012.

New Years Eve 2012

“Screenshot of the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle”

The Google Doodle is interactive and allow viewers to click on objects within the image that directs to the Google Doodle represented with the specific object within the image.

It is amazing how the Doodler have incorporate all the doodles into one image, and the interactivity the Google Doodle allows by picking one of the characters in the doodle and to redirect to the specific doodle. All the images blend perfectly into one image, representing the best of 2012 on New Year’s Eve 2012.

New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle Highlights 2012

We will briefly look at some of the images in the Google Doodle of “New Year’s Eve 2012”. The “G” in the Google Doodle redirects to “New Year’s Eve 2012” Google Search results, where you can get more news and info about “New Year’s Eve 2012”. If you click on the “O” in the “New Year’s Eve 2012” it redirects to the “

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th Birthday

” Google Doodle. The Doodle let to some controversial discussions if the “Hertz” Google Doodle truly represented “Hertz” and his work.

The rest of the Google letters in the Google Doodle does not link to any other Doodles.

In the top left corner there is an image of a screen, that display the “Star Trek” battle ship, if you click on the link you will be taken to the Google Doodle representing the “

46th Anniversary of Star Trek’s 1st Broadcast

“. The Star Trek Google Doodle was one of the best Google Doodles for 2012.

Next to the Star Trek image, there is a man standing looking at a painting, This links to the ” Bob Ross 70th Birthday” Google Doodle and the painting Bob Ross is looking at is about the “Juan Gris’ 125th Birthday” Google Doodle. It may be difficult to imagine, but Picasso had artists that he admired. Perhaps most notable among them was

Juan Gris

, a close friend.

Next to the Jaun Gris painting you will find a link to the “

Robert Doisneau’s 100th Birthday

” doodle, perfectly blended into the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle. To view more about Robert Doisneau click on the Eifel Tower image.

To the right of the Eifel Tower image, you will see a character looking at the Eifel Tower, this represents Charles Dickens and links to the

Charles Dickens 200th Birthday

 of Feb 7, 2012. Next to the Charles Dickens image there is again a painting on the wall, this links to the

Gustav Klimt’s 150th Birthday

, celebrating the life of the Street Photographer most noted for his “The Kiss” photograph.

On the window next to Gustav Klimt’s the kiss photograph you will see a window with a zipper on it, The Zipper Google attracted plenty of attention on April 24, 2012 when Google celebrated

Gideon Sundback’s

132nd Birthday with the interactive Zipper Google Doodle.

During the London 2012 Olympics Google had one Google Doodle each day during the London 2012 Olympics representing a sport at the Olympics. Next to the window there is a statue of a Javelin thrower, representing the London 2012 Olympics and the



In the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle you will find several images and objects in the image representing the London 2012 Olympics and the sport at the 2012 Olympics. In the center of the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle there is a soccer player, linking to the Soccer Olympics 2012 Google Doodle. The Soccer doodle attracted a lot of attention during the

London 2012 Olympics

, the doodle was a game that you can play, and many people played the game, comparing scores and most goal’s shot!

Infront of the table, next to “

Little Red Riding Hood

” (The Brothers Grimm Google Doodle) there is a basketball, representing the

London 2012 Basketball Olympics

Google Doodle. This doodle were also a Google Doodle Game, in which you could shoot a few basketball’s getting millions of people in the spirit of the Olympics 2012.

To the right of the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle, bottom right there is a image of a Lady looking at a computer. This represents “

Ada Lovelace

” the woman considered by many as the founder of Computer Software, celebrated on December 10, 2012.

These are just a few of the objects and characters in the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle celebrating the BEST of the BEST Google Doodles for 2012!

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