New York New Year’s Ball Drop 2013 Live Broadcast


The countdown to the New York’s Ball Drop will start later today, and millions of people will watch the New York Time Square Ball Drop that indicates the New Year in New York! You can visit the Earth Cam website to view Time Square from the Sky and see how people assembles for one of the biggest New Year parties and New Year moments in the world!

The Earth Cam website also provide a countdown to the New York New Year’s Ball drop should you wish to see exactly when it is going to happen! The Earth Cam website also provides camera’s showing some of the world’s biggest New Year’s parties and is well worth a visit!

New York Ball Drop 2013

The Earth Cam website also promises a Live 3D Broadcast of the Times Square events and the “Ball Drop 2013” in New York!

Live Broadcast New York Ball Drop 2013

Ball Drop 2013

If you want to watch the Ball Drop live from New York you may also want to visit the Times Square website, where there will be Live coverage and a live Broadcast of the New York Ball Drop 2013.

CNN Ball Drop Broadcast

In the past CNN have also covered the “New York 2013 Ball Drop” and it is well worth a visit. If you want to view the Ball Drop 2013 live you can go to

To all our readers, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2013!