New Year’s Day 2013: First Google Doodle for 2013


If you were celebrating the New Year last night you might have not yet seen the first Google Doodle for 2013. In true New Year’s tradition Google have ringed in the New Year with a “New Year’s Day 2013” Google Doodle.

New Years Day 2013:

If you have seen the last Google Doodle for 2012 you will see that the New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle and the New Year’s Day 2013 one are more or less the same. In the New Year’s Eve one the Doodle portrait a New Year’s Eve party, the Image also linked to the most popular Google Doodles of 2012 which were really nice.

In the New Year’s Day 2013 Google Doodle, Google portrays the start of a new day, year and the cleaning up that are usually part of the first New Year’s day. In many countries around the world people party and ring in the new year well into the first day of the new year, and most people are not working the first day of the new year, and use the day to clean-up and recuperate for the rest of the year.

Whatever the case may be if you partied hard, suffering from a New Year’s Hangover or just need to clean your house after the New Year’s parties, the “New Year’s Day 2013” Google Doodle fits perfectly into the first day of the new year for many people, and we think Google did a brilliant job combining the “New Year’s Eve 2012” and the “New Year’s Day 2013” Google Doodles.

Happy New Year 2013, we here at 3D Car Shows hope that you will have an amazing year!