Happy Holidays on Christmas Eve 2012


23 December 2012 Google have an International message of Joy and Happiness for the world. In true Christmas fashion Google have replaced there Google Doodle with their “Happy Holidays” message, if you are a Christian the “Happy Holidays” will be the sign that you are waiting for from Google to declare the official start of Christmas today.

Happy Holidays

In the Christian believe Jesus Christ was born, to come and save the world from evil and to provide the world with a message of love, hope and joy, for Christians the day is one of the most important days in Christendom.

The message from Google have almost stayed exactly the same since Google have started announcing Christmas more than 10 years ago with the “Happy Holidays” message, the only difference the year and sometime appending the year at the end of the “Happy Holidays” message. It is also important to notice the words themselves, instead of saying Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas which are more traditional Christmas greetings, Google have chosen “Happy Holidays” to make it more international acceptable to people with different religious views.

In the past many Christians have objected to the word choice, but for me the message of Jesus Christ is far bigger than the word choice that Google use in their Happy Holidays Google Doodle, for me the message today is the message of Christmas the birth of “Jesus Christ” and I am happy to celebrate it one way or another!

To everyone visiting the 3D Car Shows site, I would like to wish you a Joyful, Happy and MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012!