Happy Holidays from Google


Today December 25, 2012 Google have in true Holiday spirit once again updated there Google Doodle to a Happy Holidays Google Doodle. It looks like this year 2012 there is going to be a sequence of Happy Holidays Google Doodles from Google. I searched earlier today to see if Google is going to have a doodle but it seemed like there is not going to be one for the 25th of December 2012.

However when I opened my browser this morning, the Happy Holidays doodle have been updated with a second Happy Holidays doodle, interesting about the second doodle it seems like it is building up towards the first doodle, featuring the same character that leaded the first parade. In the background the world Google is also written the same way as the letters in the previous one, this time it only looks to be closer that the previous one.

About the Happy Holidays Google Doodles

Happy Holidays version 1

Happy Holidays

The Happy Holidays Google Doodle is made up what looks like a Toy parade, with Toys seemingly happy and joyful. There is a band leader which seems to lead the toys towards the center of the parade.

Happy Holidays version 2

Happy Holidays

In the second Happy Holidays Google Doodle it looks like the Band Leader is in fact the Pied-Piper, who have lead all the toys inside the Google Doodle. Now I am a Christian, and one of the first things I look for in things like this is hidden messages, at first I got quite upset with the Google Doodle which seems to let one think that Google Dominates the Holiday Season and taking away the focus of the birth of Jesus Christ and it is arrogant of them to use the Pied-Piper Happy Holidays doodle to showcase their dominance. (By leading away all the toys and possibly Children).

Then I realized that there may be a more important meaning to the Google Doodle, instead of being arrogant the meaning of the Google Doodle maybe that we should find the deeper meaning of Christmas, Christmas is not about toys for Christians, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ!

Happy Holidays from Google, and a Merry Christmas from all of us here at 3D Car Shows!