Google Santa Tracker, Maps the answer to Where is Santa Now!


23 December 2012 – Johannesburg South Africa

where is santa

“Picture of our Saint Bernard Wanja waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve 2012”

I remember when I was a kid one of the worst Christmas Traditions were to wait for Santa Clause to come and bring presents. I used to ask my parents a thousand times “Where is Santa” and I must have driven them insane with the continuous “where is Santa” now questions. It is amazing how technology can change things. Today my kids asked me “Where is Santa” and it was easy for me to answer the question.

Google have come up with a solution to “Follow Santa Clause” using Google Maps, the system tracks Santa and his journey across the globe, and children can see exactly where Santa is  and follow his journey across the globe as he delivers his Christmas presents.

Google Santa Tracker

If you wonder where Santa Clause is, and when he will come to your home this December, simply visit the Google Santa Tracker website. Santa have already started his journey and have delivered Christmas presents to children in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and India and will soon make his way to Europe and Africa. Just like new year comes last to Canada and the USA, Canadian and USA children will have to wait a bit longer before they can open there Christmas presents.

Luckily for those who have to wait for Santa longer, will have lots to do on the Google Santa Tracker website, they can follow Santa Clause journey on the Google Maps, or they can play some Christmas and Santa Games on the site.

Parents can also register for the Santa Call service, this service will get Santa to call your kids on Christmas day if you live in the USA or Canada, and kids from all over the world will get a E-mail from Santa.

All these services and holiday ideas from Google make Christmas so much more fun and real! If you don’t believe in Santa Clause you should follow the “Journey of Santa” on the “Google Santa Tracker” and you may start to think that he is real!

For all kids wanting to know where Santa is now, go to the Santa Tracker site and see for yourself!