Google Doodle Happy Holidays 2012


Today Google is celebrating the Christmas Holiday in true Holiday spirit with the Google Happy Holidays 2012 Google Doodle. The Happy Holidays 2012 Google Doodle features several colorful characters showcasing the spirit of joy and happiness.

happy holidays 2012

In the Google Doodle it looks like the characters are forming a Christmas parade made up of Cartoon characters and Christmas Toys. In the far background you can see the world Google scribbled on what looks like play blocks.

Happy Holidays 2012

This year Google have once again gone out of their way to celebrate the holiday season and to get people into the holiday spirit. If you search Google for Christmas related searches you will notice the Christmas Decorations on these pages. You can also visit the Google Santa Tracker from Google that will tell you at anytime where is Santa now. The Christmas

Santa Tracker

also have a special page where children can play Christmas games, and the Call a Santa page, which allows Children from all over the world to enter their details and receive a email, telephone call or Christmas Card from Santa on Christmas Day.

Today Google will bring joy to the world, when people open there Google Search engines they will see the “Happy Holidays 2012” Google Doodle and will be reminded that the Christmas season is here, as well as receive a blessing in the form of “Happy Holidays 2012”.

Since everyone is not celebrating Christmas, Google have opted for the Happy Holidays 2012 wish instead of saying Happy Christmas or even Merry Christmas which is a more traditional holiday greeting for Christians!

Happy Holidays 2012, Merry Christmas to all!

Here at 3D Car Shows we would like to take the time, and thank each and everyone who have visited the 3D Car Shows site in the past year for their continuous support. We would also like to wish everyone that celebrates Christmas a Merry Christmas and those that do not a Happy Holidays 2012 may all your dreams and wishes come true in 2013.