Dakar 2013 – Toyota Team in South America


Today January 4, 2013 Toyota Imperial and Toyota South Africa have released preview videos and images from the Toyota South Africa Team at the Dakar 2013 Rally to the media. Tomorrow on January 5, 2013 the Dakar 2013 is due to start. This year Toyota South Africa have 2 teams in the Dakar, driving the Toyota Hilux which are known to be one of the best pick-up trucks in the world.

Toyota Dakar 2013

In 2012 the Toyota Hilux driven by Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz came third overall at the Dakar 2012 Rally and we expect that the Toyota South African Team and the Toyota Hilux pick-up are going to win the Dakar 2013 Rally.

Dakar 2013 Videos

Giniel De Villiers talks about the Dakar 2013 Rally, expecting a tough first week and ready for the second week. In the short video you can view some of the preparations taking place at the Dakar Rally 2013 race in South America.


Short video from the DAKAR 2013 Race, showing some of the preparations taking place at the Dakar 2013 Rally and Giniel De Villiers talking about the Race and some of his competitors.


Glyn Hall the man responsible for the Dakar 2013 South African Rally team talks about the Dakar Rally 2013 and the Toyota Team saying that the South African team is ready and good to go!


Short video from the Dakar 2013 showing some of the street life in South America providing a brief overview of Lima where the Dakar Rally is due to start on January 5, 2013


The Team members for Toyota South Africa are Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz and the second Toyota South Africa Rally team Duncan Vos and Rob Howie. In the 2012 Dakar Rally Duncan Vos and Rob Howie came into tenth place overall.

Images from Dakar 2013

2013 Dakar

“Toyota South Africa Dakar Team in South America”


“Toyota South African Team waiting for the Rally to start – South America – Dakar 2013”

Dakar 2013

“Team members of the South Africa Dakar Rally Team adding some stickers to the Toyota Hilux Pick-up Trucks, preparing for the start of the Dakar Rally on the 5th of January 2013”

Dakar 2013 Rally

“Giniel de Villiers pointing towards the Dakar Rally route”

Dakar 2013 start

“Sitting and relaxing in the Toyota Hilux Dakar 2013 pick-up relaxing before the race”

Dakar South Africa Team

“Waiting for the Dakar 2013 race to start”

Dakar South America Dakar Toyota

“The Toyota South African Team in Dakar”

Giniel de Villiers Toyota Dakar 2013

“Toyota Dakar 2013 Supporters in front of a Toyota Hilux”

Toyota Hilux

“Final tests of the Toyota Hilux Pick-up before the Dakar 2013 Rally starts tomorrow”

Toyota Hilux 2013

“Making sure everything is running smooth on the Dakar 2013 Toyota Hilux”

Toyota Hilux Dakar

“The Toyota Support team adding some final touches to the Toyota Hilux Pick-ups for the Dakar 2013 Race”