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    Duncan BC (December 23, 2012)

    Rally Raid Dakar 2013

    The bike is built, shipped and is hopefully at the customs depot in Lima along with the rest of the Dakar competitors vehicles.  A thousand little details are being looked after by various people around the globe all cumulating in Canadian Don Hatton starting in the 2013 Dakar Race on January 5, 2013 in Lima Peru. The race lasts 17 days and covers nearly 10,000 kilometers throughout South America.

    “I’m nervous about the race but really excited about being back in the Dakar” Don said in a recent interview. This will be Don’s fifth attempt at the fabled endurance race.

    The next big hurdle on the agenda is the day all Dakar racers fear: scrutineering day.

    Scrutineering is where the organizers of the Dakar Race go over everything with the racers. We mean everything. They review your documentation, your race vehicle, your support vehicle (if you have one), the registered members of your team. Everything. And if they find something that cannot be fixed by the time scrutineering closes you do not get to compete.

    The technical inspectors review your vehicle. Does it have the proper lights, navigation equipment, adequate fuel supply, and emergency water carrying capacity? Does it have the proper and authorized decals in the correct places? Are all the movable pieces, certain nuts and bolts, secured by the proper safety wire?

    There is a mind boggling myriad of technical inspections any of which if the vehicle fails could cause the organizers to disallow you from competing in the race. There are some 18 different inspection stations that the competitor, his documentation and his vehicle must pass through to get final approval. Then they are allowed to get their time card and target time (time they will start the race on race day) and enter the Parc Ferme (secured parking area for the vehicles).

    Lets keep our figures crossed that Don and Simon bikes make it through this next step in the process and onto Dakar!

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